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Crash Course on Designing a Dashboard in Tableau


Dashboards help us find key insights and allow us to take actions based on our data. To make the most of our insights, we need to know how to present them. One of the most popular tools today is Tableau.

Tableau is an industry-leading data visualization software used for analysis and business intelligence. In this event, we will cover how to design a dashboard and more in Tableau. This crash course is intended for beginners. By the end of the session, you will know:

  • What is Tableau?
  • How to design a basic dashboard in tableau.
  • How to include a bar chart in your dashboard.
  • How to create a map in tableau.
  • How to format your dashboard to respect good design practice.
Irene_Diomi - Data Science Dojo
Irene Diomi

Data Analyst Specialist at PwC | Tableau & Alteryx Consultant at The Information Lab

Irene Diomi is a data analyst and Tableau ambassador based in London. She has a passion for storytelling and uses her creative and data skills to tell stories through insights. Her data analysis journey started when she took a web development course. Since then she has never stopped learning about data and sharing her enthusiasm with the community

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