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Between the Spreadsheets: classifying and fixing dirty data for data science


In this session, Susan Walsh will share real-life examples of dirty data, and the consequences it has on the output, such as decision making, reporting, analytics, AI, and machine learning.  You’ll also learn how to make quick, accurate checks and changes to your own data in excel, regardless of your level of experience, explain why data accuracy and maintenance are so important, and implement best practices for this.

Susan Walsh
With a decade of experience fixing your dirty data, Susan Walsh is the Classification Guru. Susan is Founder and Managing Director of The Classification Guru Ltd, a specialist data classification, taxonomy customisation and data cleansing consultancy. She is an industry thought leader, DataIQ100 2022, TEDx speaker and author of ‘Between the Spreadsheets: Classifying and Fixing Dirty Data’. She’s also the creator of COAT.

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