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Automating Surpervised Machine Learning Pipeline Development


All the other STEM arts have well-established methodologies. Is there such a set of methodologies for data science and machine learning? YES! Join Thom and Ghaith as they walk you through a high-level coverage of these methods.

Data Science Dojo
Thom Ives

Lead Data Scientist at UL Prospector

Thom Ives founded Integrated Machine Learning & AI, which is a very large group of data scientists that seek to grow and learn MORE TOGETHER. He is a leading data scientist and has developed a wide range of analytical models using multi-physics, data, and experiments. While Thom loves predictive modeling, his real passion for the data science space is making sure that data is clean from collection to storage for achieving the greatest overall return on data for all from retrieval.
Data Science Dojo
Ghaith Sankar

Digital Health Platform Advisor at Bayer

Ghaith Sankari has about 17+ years of experience ranging from software development, Artificial Intelligence research, Healthcare Data Science/AI project design and coordination, mentoring through deeplearning.ai, and AI Healthcare entrepreneurship in the UAE market. He has been based in Dubai where he founded his company AI-Hut, focusing on Digital Health solutions designed to improve hospital, patient, and payer experiences using Machine/Deep Learning solutions. He has also hosted many streaming events together with several AI thought leaders.

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