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AI and ML with PowerBI – Crash Course


This crash course will dive deep into the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) with Microsoft’s Power BI. It covers all the practical aspects including mapping natural language into Quick Measures through Microsoft Copilot in Power BI. We’ll also explore AI Visuals including Q/A, Key Influencers, Decomposition Tree, and Smart Narrative. The course will conclude by discussing how to generate AI insights via Azure Machine Learning, Text Analytics, and Computer Vision in Power BI. Join us for a hands-on exploration of AI and ML functionalities within the Power BI environment.

Key takeaways
– Master Quick Measures with Copilot for efficient data analysis.
– Utilize AI Visuals for enhanced data visualization and interpretation.
– Valuable AI insights with Azure Machine Learning, Text Analytics, and Computer Vision, transforming your Power BI experience.

Albar Wahab | Future of Data and AI Speaker
Albar Wahab

Senior Data Scientist and Instructor at Data Science Dojo

Albar Wahab is a senior data scientist and instructor at Data Science Dojo, specializing in live training programs such as Data Science Bootcamp, Python for Data Science, and Power BI. With expertise in designing and leading Power BI training, he currently spearheads a data science consulting project utilizing Microsoft Power BI for financial reporting. Albar is passionate about data analytics, storytelling, and sharing his knowledge as an educator, with a focus on cloud-based AI and machine learning solutions for extracting valuable business insights.

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