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A Friendly Introduction to Codeless Deep Learning with KNIME Analytics Platform


Recent deep learning architectures have brought us solutions to previously unsolved problems. Nevertheless, for most tools, you still need to overcome the coding barrier.

In the first part of this webinar, you will learn about the main concepts behind deep learning: from the artificial neuron to back-propagation. In the second part, you will get a basic introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks and their application in Computer Vision.

Together, we will build a simple neural network in the KNIME Analytics Platform to solve a classification task. This example relies on the KNIME Deep Learning – Keras Integration, which allows you to define, train and deploy your deep learning models in a fully codeless fashion.

Roberto Cadili - Data Science Dojo
Roberto Cadili

Jr. Data Scientist presso KNIME

Roberto Cadili is a Data scientist on the Evangelism team at KNIME with a strong interest in machine learning algorithms and deep learning architectures for NLP and Computer Vision. As an editor for Low Code for Advanced Data Science, he is helping the KNIME community shape successful data science stories, tutorials, and best practices that are worth sharing.

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