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The 10 V’s of Big Data and its Benefits


The term “Big Data” can be a bit misleading as it’s making us focus on its size and miss the most important nature of the medium, and that’s its complexity. We’ve all heard about its volume, velocity, and variety of attributes, but what about its other defining characteristics? Join us for an eye-opening and highly visual session to get a new and empowering perspective on Big Data while discovering its benefits and immense potential through real-world examples.

George Firican
George Firican

Founder of LightsOnData

George Firican is the Founder of LightsOnData. He is passionate about putting the lights on data, being ranked among Top 5 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Big Data, Digital Disruption and Top 15 on Innovation. His innovative approach to data management received international recognition through award-winning program and project implementations in data governance, data quality, business intelligence and data analytics. He’s also the director of data governance and business intelligence at the University of British Columbia.

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