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Director of Marketing Operations, Analytics, & Technology – Sumo Logic

Saad Hameed received his MBA in Business Administration & Marketing from California State University – East Bay.

  • My name is Saad Hameed. I currently work at a company called Sumo Logic. My background is really – I started as a software engineer in the industry a long time back and I decided marketing was my real calling and I’ve taken a path to that effect but essentially my role is a true overlap of engineering analytics and marketing in one place so that’s where I sit in the middle somewhere.

    I’ve been researching for some time now to join some kind of either grad level program or some other program to relearn data science in a very structured manner. I looked at Coursera, another option also and grad school I considered, but none of them really appealed to my need for having interactive dialogue and doing it in a very compressed format because I don’t have like a month to take off for work nor do I have like, you know, dedicate every single evening to studies here. And so therefore I looked at various options and Data Science Dojo is the best option. Yeah great experience a very strong cohort group. Everyone brought their very diverse experiences ranging from “I’m a developer,” to a statistician, to a “I’m an HR person,” you name it. And they each brought their own flavor.

    I would say having some understanding of the programming language it is really, really essential. Basic statistical concepts really helpful.

    Raja was outstanding and how he structured the course and how he structured learning and how he kept us all in line to the goal. That is probably most important part of it and how he abstracted the difficult concepts and tried to simplify things as much as he can because otherwise it can be overwhelming and he ensured that we didn’t take tangents too often the focus was always on can you take something with you that you can apply back to your work and then build upon and that is really powerful.

    Saad Hameed – Sumo Logic

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Saad Hameed
Director of Marketing Operations, Analytics, & Technology – Sumo Logic