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Timothy Chou

 at Stanford University
Tim has been lucky enough to have a career spanning academia, successful (and not so successful) startups and large corporations. He was one of a handful of people to ever hold the President title at Oracle. As President of Oracle On Demand he grew the cloud business from it’s very beginning.  He was also fortunate enough to start teaching computer science at Stanford University in 1982. In 2006 he launched CS309A, Cloud Computing. Now in its 15th year the course has featured guest lectures by nearly 100 public company CEOs.   This year we hosted the CEOs of VMWare, Couchbase, Samsara, Johnson & Johnson and Morgan Lewis. A few years ago one of the students in his class, Dr. Anthony Chang, introduces him to the world of pediatric medicine and inspired him to come out of retirement to work on his last great project.
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