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Hamza Tahir

 at ZenML
Hamza Tahir is an experienced software developer and ML engineer based in Munich, Germany. He is passionate about creating data-driven products, which is evident in his previous projects like PicHance, Scrilys, BudgetML, and you-tldr. Hamza co-founded ZenML, an open-source MLOps framework that makes it easier for data scientists to bring their workflows to production. He also co-founded and serves as the CTO of maiot.io where he built production ML pipelines. Hamza has experience working as a Machine Learning Engineer at Motius and AI Engineer at the Digital Product School. He is proficient in MLOps tools such as GCP, AWS, Tensorflow, and others.
Instructor Hamza Tahir from ZenML, guiding participants through the LLM Bootcamp.
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