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Faisal Masood

Cloud Transformation Architect
 at AWS
Faisal recently joined AWS as a Cloud Transformation Architect. Before AWS, Faisal worked as a Principal Architect, and AI/ML lead at Red Hat Asia Pacific and has over 20 years of IT experience. Faisal’s primary role is to assist customers in defining and executing tactical and strategic goals. Faisal works with lighthouse clients in the APAC region and helps design and develop evolutionary architectures. These architectures are related to data lifecycle, machine learning, microservices, continuous delivery and infrastructure as code. Faisal has completed his engineering studies at NED University and has completed continuing education courses at MIT Sloan and the University of New Mexico. Faisal published two books[1][2] on MLOps and Kubernetes, developed a free Kubernetes course at 10perals university and routinely writes blogs at Red Hat Developer Blog.
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