Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp

Comprehensive five day data science bootcamp with an introduction to data engineering.

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Cant make it to an in-person bootcamp? Try our Online Data Science Certificate Program.

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Data Science Dojo is one of the foremost training companies globally. We have trained working professionals from varying backgrounds from all industries.

Recommended by practitioners

“The philosophy of “data science is for everyone” I think is really true, actually. Because my background is not in statistics, it’s not in programming. This course has taught me that I don’t need to be accomplished in those things. This course tells me that there are tools out there that I can use and better utilize for analysis of big data. What this course helps you with the most is give you the confidence to be able to apply what you’ve learned.”

Vince Vardhanabhuti – Radiologist and Data Scientist

Learning Plans

Whether you want to just attend the bootcamp or would like to get access to learning resources and mentoring after the bootcamp. We have a learning plan that fits your needs.

  • PRE-BOOTCAMP (5-8 hours)
  • Orientation
  • Video tutorials
  • R/Python Exercises
  • Quizzes
  • Learning material
  • Immersive 5-day learning
  • Code git Repository
  • R/Python Exercises
  • Course material
  • Chat forum
  • Food and Caffeine
  • Online/In-person Support
  • Data science competition
  • R Studio Online
  • Data Science Certificate
  • Four handbooks
  • Three reference books
  • R/Python Jupyter Notebooks
  • Software Subscriptions
  • Networking Dinner
  • License to online learning platform
  • POST-BOOTCAMP (10,000 hours)
  • Alumni Network
  • Recorded Bootcamp
  • 50+ Additional Exercises
  • Biweekly Live Tutorials
  • Online Learning
  • Mentoring
  • Office Hours
30% OFF

USD 3799

  • License to online learning platform

  • POST-BOOTCAMP (10,000 hours)

  • 1 month

30% OFF

USD 3999

  • License to online learning platform

  • POST-BOOTCAMP (10,000 hours)

  • 6 months


USD 4499

  • License to online learning platform

  • POST-BOOTCAMP (10,000 hours)

  • 12 months

Are you a Singapore citizen or permanent resident?

Data Science Dojo’s bootcamp is endorsed by CITREP+. Any Singaporean (PR or citizen) who successfully completes the bootcamp might be eligible for up to 3000 Singapore Dollars subsidy from CITREP+*

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It was the best training I’ve ever attended. The 5 days were packed with knowledge, great discussion, and hands-on experience. The learnings were also solidified by the additional exercises provided for practice. Despite the fast pace and the intensity, it was easy to follow and never boring :D Read more “Zainab Al Lawati”

Zainab Al Lawati
Zainab Al Lawati
Software Engineer

Very insightful course and actionable immediately after taking the course to start exploring my ML model. Read more “Chee Tong Leow”

Chee Tong Leow
Chee Tong Leow
Senior IT Manager at Apple Asia

Excellent course! Perfect foundation to train my entire team of data scientists/analysts. We now have a common knowledge and common set of tools for our daily assignments. We’re looking forward to seeing the full impact of this boot camp over the next several months. Read more “Yogi Ishwara”

Yogi Ishwara
Yogi Ishwara
Information System Auditor at Ministry of Finance Inspectorate General

I am in career transition and attending the bootcamp gave me opportunity to experience the challenges and mind set involved in being a data scientist. It gave me understanding of key concepts so I can continue to gain expertise on DS topics on my own. More importantly, it helped me understand how DS can effectively help me unlock value at work, as I couple domain knowledge with DS. Read more “Milton Sato”

Milton Sato
Milton Sato
Asian Region Manager, Economic Research at Commodity Trade Analytics

You may have already noticed that we are a CITREP+ certified bootcamp. Any Singaporean (PR or citizen) who successfully completes the bootcamp might be eligible for up to 3000 Singapore Dollars subsidy from CITREP+*.

*Reimbursement is not guarunteed, and is based on a number of eligibility factors. You can verify your eligibility by visiting the CITREP+ website, calling the CITREP+ helpline at Tel: 63-CITREP (6324-8737) or by email:

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