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Upskilling Fortune 500 FMCG company's global sales and marketing workforce​

Learn how Data Science Dojo enabled a Fortune 500 company’s global sales and marketing team through a bespoke data science upskilling program, accelerating their digital transformation journey.
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This be spoke upskilling program included managers and business leaders from various functions such as consumer experiences, customer care, social media operations, marketing research, brand management, retail, and commercial operations. By the end of the program, participants had acquired the skills to comprehend, articulate, and utilize technical terms related to data, analytics, and machine learning.The bespoke program featured in-class breakout sessions and mini-mission projects that enabled participants to apply their learning and cultivate a data-driven approach to their work.

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The instructors were experts in their subjects. It was very informative to explore how other global companies are utilizing data in their businesses. Real-life Data and AI scenarios from our company were embedded throughout the program, which helped in internalizing the new learning. Collaborating with colleagues from different functions during the breakout sessions provided an opportunity to put our understanding to the test and apply it to solve business problems.
Program Participant
Senior Manager, Marketing and Digital Omnichannel Hubs