Rebecca Chapman – Equal Access

Data Science Dojo Nonprofit Fellow – Seattle, October 2016

Rebecca Chapman received her Masters of Arts in French Language and Literature from New York University.

  • I’m in the process of evaluating the data that we have been collecting about the Saudi Arabian audience.  Unfortunately, it means that we have a lot of data, digital data, which we haven’t really known what to do with particularly since a lot of it is in Arabic script and sort of encoded in a weird way.  One of the great things about being here at Data Science Dojo’s bootcamp is that I was able to, at various points and modules, actually pull the data that we were getting in real-time, and start getting a sixth sense for those trends.  One of the things that really drew me to Data Science Dojo’s bootcamp was the length.  It was very intense, and I will say after having gone through it that you don’t feel like you’ve missed out on a whole lot–just with the depth that we went into and the intensity that we really attacked the subject matter.  I definitely agree with the Data Science Dojo philosophy that “Data Science is for everyone”, I think that I’m kind of the proof of that because I came into this bootcamp with very little experience in data science, but it has been great, everyone has been very collaborative, and I have been able to ask for help when I needed it. The bootcamp has shown me how much there is to tap in to that’s just in the public domain and there’s so much I know that, especially a lot more of the domestic non-profits could be doing to harness that information and use that to improve their programming.  This fellowship is a really great opportunity for people like me to try something new that can potentially have big ramifications on what we’re doing.

    Rebecca Chapman – Equal Access


Rebecca Chapman

Position: Program Manager

Employer: Equal Access

Education: Masters of Arts – French Language and Literature

Alma Mater: New York University

Cohort: Seattle, October 2016

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