We offer Dojo, Guru, and Sensei packages for most bootcamp locations. You can compare each package down below where we give specific details and pricing of what each package includes.

Each package is announced at our early-bird discounted price of 30% off. Each discount tier has a limited number of seats and is available in limited quantities and on a first-come, first-served basis. Packages are shown at full price below.

Pricing for Seattle, Toronto, and California can be found below.

Updated Pricing » Data Science Dojo

Breakdown of Package Comparison

Listed at Full Price. All prices listed in USD unless otherwise specified.

Dojo – $3799.99

Guru – $3999.99

Sensei – $4499.99


Green Belt -$1999.99

Brown Belt – $1999.99

Black Belt -$2499.99

Here is a description of the different package items (Learning material, sample code, Kaggle competition, reference books, etc.


CITREP – SGD$4999.99

The CITREP package for the Singapore bootcamp is only available for Singapore citizens and permanent residents. If you are a citizen or permanent resident of Singapore, you may have your training supported by the Singaporean government.

The CITREP package for the Data Science Bootcamp is SGD$4999.99.

This CITREP+ endorsed package comes with:

You can learn more about the CITREP package, here.