Price as low as $4499 | Learn to build custom large language model applications

Large Language Models Bootcamp

August 19 – 23, 2024
Complete Learning Ecosystem
  • Just bring a laptop: Watch tutorials or practice coding in browser-based Jupyter notebooks and inline code runners.
  • Personal coding sandboxes: Every attendee gets a dedicated compute and storage pre-configured with relevant libraries and packages.
  • 100s of code samples: In addition to the in-class exercises, attendees receive Python and R code samples that have been pre-tested.
  • No subscriptions needed: All software licenses, subscriptions, tools, and computing resources are included. For Guru package, LLM API keys are also included.
  • Cohort discussion forum: Get help from course staff, share ideas and discuss with your peers.
  • Free courses: Dozens of other short courses and coding exercises are included in the registration.