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How Generative AI Fuels the No Code Development Phenomenon

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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, crafting high-performing digital applications isn’t just a goal—it’s a necessity.

This task is often challenging because many software developers frequently change jobs—82% of organizations report difficulty in retaining their developers—and there is also a communication gap between product managers and developers.

This is where no code development platforms come to the rescue. These platforms allow anyone to create apps without needing to write code.

In 2019, the no code development market was valued at $10.3 billion, and it’s expected to skyrocket to $187 billion by 2030.

However, this industry has taken an interesting turn after the emergence of generative AI. Why?

How Generative AI Fuels the No Code Development Phenomenon | Data Science Dojo

Imagine simply chatting with your computer in plain English to build an app. That’s the power of combining generative AI with no code tools, except there’s much more!

Let’s dive deeper into the vast possibilities that can be unlocked by pairing genAI and no code development.


Integration of Generative AI with No Code Platforms

Classical no code development platforms enabled users to build applications without any coding knowledge. These platforms typically offer features such as drag-and-drop interfaces, pre-built templates, and pre-configured databases, allowing users to create websites and applications by simply arranging elements visually.

However, with the integration of genAI, we have tons of incremental benefits in this sphere.

Generative AI allows users to interact with the platform in their own natural language where they can communicate all of their needs and requirements.

This is not where it stops! Here are some additional benefits:

Integration of Generative AI with no code development platforms
Benefits of the integration of generative AI with no code development platforms

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Popular No Code Development Platforms that Leverage Generative AI

No code development tools are gaining immense public attention for their ease of use and especially for their ability to integrate the latest generative AI models.

This integration diversifies use cases and future-proof projects against upcoming model enhancements.

For instance, aiXplain‘s innovative platform features an all-in-one translator and voice cloner. This tool has gained massive traction by allowing anyone to quickly build a voice cloning tool in numerous languages, making it a prime example of the versatile applications enabled by current GenAI advancements.

Here are some popular no code app development platforms that leverage generative AI:

Popular no-code development platforms
Popular no-code app development platforms

Curious? Build a Voice Cloning Tool Yourself!

Would you like to test how easy it is to build an AI tool using a no-code platform?

Explore aiXplain’s all-in-one translator and voice cloner where you can develop your personal AI tool.

aiXplain no code app development
aiXplain’s all-in-one translator and voice cloner

Access a series of quick tutorials to build a similar tool on aiXplain


How will Generative AI Impact the Jobs of Developers?

The no code development disruption is a promising prospect for people who cannot code. But, every disruption has two sides. An important question to think about is how will the jobs for developers be impacted.

Here’s a great panel talk where speakers from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon discuss how generative AI will impact jobs and society.

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You can never win a fight with a mathematician, can you?

How Generative AI Fuels the No Code Development Phenomenon | Data Science Dojo
Source: buildooors on Reddit


Leading Generative AI Courses

Curious to learn about the vast applications of generative AI?

Here are the leading learning platforms providing several courses that can get you started with large language models, their architecture, and how they can be leveraged to build LLM-powered applications.

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