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Our Microsoft alumni love how our data science bootcamp gives them the perfect perspective into the inner workings of machine learning.
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Testimonials from Microsoft

This was easily one of the best training’s I have attended in my 10 years at Microsoft. A perfect combination of hands on, fundamental theories and adequate attention to detail, backed by an immense knowledge and experience of the trainers.
Great bootcamp and amazing learning experience. Thanks for Raja and his passionate teaching for making me a different me. I can think differently at a data science problem and approach them differently now. Very detailed on the concepts, which I haven’t seen with other Data Science Trainings. Very glad to be part of the Bootcamp.
Attending the boot camp was an amazing experience for me. The workshop is very well structured, fantastically taught, has the right amount of breadth and depth, and most importantly it is actionable.
DataScience boot camp training helped me understand what Data Science is all about. Gave me good insights into how some data science concepts can be implemented in various fields/areas. I would definitely recommend attending this training to know how important data is and knowing how it helps in solve some complex problems in this Data driven world.
This is great course. I have got good knowledge and hands on experience for machine learning and Big Data. It gave me many insights on what is machine learning and provided guidance to explore further. Provided good hands on experience to R programming which is very powerful to have in skill set.
Data Science Dojo did a great job building the right curriculum that focuses both on depth and breadth. And it just gives you the right level of information so that you can go back and apply that to your day to day work.
It was so refreshing to be back in a classroom sort of environment (but its on luxury side). Raja is so passionate about teaching that you feel motivated to learn. its extensive 10 hrs. of boot camp everyday but its worth every second. Best Instructors and Best reading material and best food of course :-).
This training was even better than I expected – I am pleasantly surprised to be leaving with more than just an understanding of the topics, but also the ability to deploy capabilities that will bring immediate business value.
Most useful training I attended in years.
Data Science Dojo’s balance of theory with practical application is the best I’ve seen. You’ll gain an appreciation for the mathematics, without feeling overwhelmed by it, then be immediately ready to start using the tools and techniques.
5 days and 10 hours per day seems intense, but the Data Science Dojo team made it fun. This team is always ready to help you during and after the training!
Absolutely amazing bootcamp! Raja really helps you learn and grasp things really quickly no matter how intensive the material is. Data science is truly for everyone.
Data Science Dojo was a great learning opportunity and a truly fun event. The instructors were open, facilitating dialogue and ensuring learning. It was the best run conference I have ever been to – from the great prep to the after-camp mentoring and office hours, from the learning materials provided down to the snacks at break – everything was top notch. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking a very solid foundation in data science. It is intense and fast paced, but worthwhile and enjoyable.
This was an excellent workshop on machine learning. Practical and great to get started with building predictive models. The most important thing that happened was I somewhat overcame my fear of predictive analytics. Now I have the knowledge of what it takes and I believe I will be able to self learn based on my needs.Thanks to the DataScienceDojo team.
Excellent time spent. It was an enlightening experience learning about Data Science and Data Engineering.
I can’t believe how quickly I went from knowing next to nothing to actually building a working machine learning model and understood the basic principles of what I built. The class was phenomenal for being able to give me a basic understanding of the principles and also give me hands on experience. I’ve never learned so much packed into so little time – the best technical class in over a decade.
What I learned from DataScienceDojo’s 5-Day bootcamp is beyond my expectation.  The way they structure some key areas will help us learn, think and apply to real world in the future.  We spend lots of time learning new concept and knowledge and then applying them to the popular tools such as Azure Machine Learning studio and R Studio.  I really find myself a lot more knowledgeable in those new areas and can’t wait to try applying them to the real big-data at work.  Thank you DataScienceDojo.
It was a great experience for increasing the expertise on data science. The abstract concepts were explained well and always focused on real applications and business cases. The pace was adjusted as needed to let everyone follow the topics. Week was intense as there are many topics to cover but schedule was well managed to optimize people attention.
It was intense, good instruction, at the right level for beginners.
Great introduction and overview of DS and ML, combining both theory and practice leaving me confident and excited to explore the subject thoroughly with more confidence in the future.
This kind of information is not available in online tutorial or courses because it needs a deeper engagement to understand the intricacies involved.
A great balance of theory and practice of Data science and data engineering delivered by knowledgeable practitioners in an immersive way!
The instructor’s academic background combined with his relevant industry experience at Microsoft Bing makes it all very practical. I’m excited to continue learning and highly recommend others!
Loved the real world knowledge and passion of the instructors…feel equipped and inspired to further my journey in DataScience.

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