Data Science Intern

Redmond, WA, USA | Karachi, Pakistan | Remote

At Data Science Dojo, we are looking for a talented individual to join the Data Science team of our rapidly growing organization.

As a Data Science Intern, you will be actively involved in the top-rated training programs by Data Science Dojo. You will contribute to the curriculum of our upcoming training programs, conduct research to stay in touch with the latest happenings in the world of Data Science, and devise effective content for prospective audiences.

As Data Science Dojo greatly relies on the value of data, you’ll be expected to use trends from several credible sources to add value to your work. You will work closely with many remarkable people at Data Science Dojo, including but not limited to our engineering, development, marketing, and social media teams.



  • Develop the course content of Data Science Dojo and assist in curriculum development for training materials
  • Find interesting datasets and come up with innovative ways to use them in tutorials, bootcamps, and meetups
  • Research, curate, and record tutorials on various data science, big data, and predictive analytics topics
  • Curate, research, and write blog posts on trending data science topics
  • Round up news, job opportunities, and other happenings in data science and communicate to the audience
  • Curate code samples used in our workshops and bootcamps and manage the associated git repository
  • Define metrics of success for products and services and keep track of the progress


Minimum Qualifications

  • An undergraduate degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Economics, or a related field
  • Understanding of the fundamental concepts of data science and machine learning, as well as basic principles of statistical inference
  • Knowledge of R, RStudio, and/or Python
  • Working knowledge of big data concepts like Hadoop, MapReduce, and HDFS
  • Familiarity with Azure, AWS, and/or GCP ecosystem
  • Some understanding of Hive, Pig, and Mahout
  • Experience using quantitative and qualitative data to make decisions, devise strategies, and measure the progress of projects over time
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and highly collaborative environment
  • Willingness to work as an individual and in a team as per the need of a project
  • A passion for data science, machine learning, and modern trends in science and engineering


About Data Science Dojo

Data Science Dojo is one of the leading platforms providing training in data science, data analytics, and machine learning. Our strong network of more than 10000+ alumni from over 100+ countries makes us the most trusted learning platform in the field. Our mission is to make data science easier, more practical, and accessible to everyone by creating a network of mentors, students, and professionals.

Data Science Dojo is a unique workplace that invests heavily in employees and growth. Our teams are constantly solving problems and working together, empowering people worldwide to use data science effectively. We are always open to new ideas, making the most out of every opportunity. Working at Data Science Dojo is a unique experience, filled with fun and a lot of growth.