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Usman Shahid

Associate Data Scientist at Data Science Dojo
Usman is a Data Scientist at Data Science Dojo where he works on developing cloud solutions and custom machine learning course content for Data Science Dojo’s enterprise clients.  Usman has bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He initially worked as a researcher at a R&D lab, leading and completing several projects in the domains of data analysis, RF systems and software defined networks. He then pivoted to data science and joined Data Science Dojo.  Usman is also a passionate educator and strongly believes that a fundamental understanding of data science is vital for professionals in all domains. He serves as an instructor for multiple modules for Data Science Dojo’s public Data Science Bootcamp as well as on corporate trainings where he focuses on helping businesses understand the value of data-driven decision making for a modern enterprise.  In his spare time Usman enjoys Urdu and English literature, browsing tech videos on YouTube and binging on British crime dramas on Netflix. 
Usman Shahid
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