Do you offer online bootcamps?

At this time, we do not offer online bootcamps. Our 5-day Data Science Bootcamp is a blended learning experience which couples 50 hours of hands-on, in-person training with access to an online learning platform where students will access their course materials including recorded videos, slides, quizzes, lectures, labs, discussions, and more. There are roughly 10 […]

Will I get a job after the bootcamp?

We cannot guarantee that you will get a job after completing the bootcamp. Obtaining a job is strictly based off one’s own skill sets.  However, we are confident that as long as you stay engaged during the bootcamp, you will be able to test those skills and apply it to your work (that is, if […]

Will I be a Data Scientist after the bootcamp?

We do not promise that with 50 hours of training you will become a “data scientist”. However, we will teach you the fundamentals of data science from predictive analytics, to data mining, to machine learning, and more. We get you started with data science in one week! I’m looking for a career change into Data […]

What do you require for a training room?

Whiteboard or flip charts with a supply of markers. A projector with a resolution higher than 1024×768 (HDMI is preferred) Comfortable chairs and tables. Students will be sitting in them for 50 hours, 10 hours a day. Convenient access to power outlets for each attendee. A good WIFI connection How should students prepare? Bring a laptop with Mac, Linux or Windows OS Install R, R studio is required. Install GitHub client. (Recommended) Install a text editor of your choice: Notepad++ or Sublime Text 3 are recommended. Make sure you have admin access to the laptop in case you need to install. If the laptop is the property of your company, please make sure that you have their permission to install software on the laptops. What will Data Science Dojo provide for in-house corporate training? Four handbooks authored by data scientists and data engineers at Data Science Dojo Three best-sellers in data science to help you continue to learn even after the bootcamp […]

Is Data Science Dojo accredited?

Data Science Dojo is not accredited by the U.S. Department of Education for post-secondary educational training. We do offer a Data Science Certificate that is jointly offered with the University of New Mexico.  

What positions can I apply for?

We have a variety of open positions in our HQ in Redmond, WA, USA and several positions in our virtual offices in Karachi and Hyderabad. You can apply for any of our open positions at

What is your mission statement?

Data Science Dojo is a top-rated, 5-Day Data Science Bootcamp and was founded with the mission of making data science accessible to everyone, becoming a globally recognized name in four short years. The company has helped 4000 graduates from 1000+ companies advance their careers with their unique learning program. Data Science Dojo is also committed […]

Where are you located?

We are based out of Redmond, Washington, USA, although we travel to all of our various bootcamp locations. You can view all of the positions we are hiring for at

Do you have a job board?

Yes, we have a job board. You are more than welcome to search for jobs as well as post new positions within your company.  

Do you offer free courses?

No, we do not offer any free courses at the moment. We do have a fee for attending our Data Science Bootcamps. We do offer free content in the form of meetups, tutorials, blogs, and webinars! We offer meetups in several locations such as Seattle, Austin, Chicago, Washington DC, Silicon Valley, New York, and Toronto. Free […]

Do you provide referral incentives?

Yes! About a third of our bootcamp attendees come through referrals by coworkers, friends and word of mouth. Tell others about the bootcamp and receive a $100 referral bonus. Who is eligible for the referral bonus? If you have attended or currently attending any of our bootcamps, you are eligible for the referral bonus. The […]

Do you offer employment assistance?

Our focus is on developing professional skills, not job placement. However, you will have great networking opportunities at the bootcamp. Our attendees work in the industry and you will have a week to get to know them well. We cannot guarantee that you will get a job after completing the bootcamp. Obtaining a job is […]

Do you offer corporate training?

Yes, we do. Please submit a request and we’ll be in touch shortly. Can you do a private bootcamp for our employees? Hosted at a location convenient to you Caters to a large group of employees from the same organization Inlcudes our popular five-day curriculum Can you customize training curriculum according to our requirement? Yes, We can customize the curriculum […]