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Introduction to R Programming

5 Lessons
19 Videos
4 Hours


In this 17 part Introduction to R programming series, we will show how to setup R on your system, talk about the benefits and disadvantages of using R programming language, fundamental components such as data types, objects, functions, interfaces, control statements and functions.

In this course, you will:

  • How to download and Install R and Rstudio
  • How to use R language to write basic commands
  • Basic datatypes and objects in R
  • How to use If, If Else, while loops in R
  • To use built-in functions in R
  • To use R to perform data exploration and analysis
  • To use R for visualizations

Course Contents

1. Environment Setup

  • Downloading R
  • Benefits and Disadvantages
  • Interface, Functions & Variables

2. Data Types and Objects in R

  • Data Types & Atomic Classes
  • Vector Basics
  • Vector Basics Continued
  • Matrix Basics
  • Matrix Basics Cont.
  • Data Frames
  • R Lists
  • Advanced Data Types

3. Exploratory Analysis

  • Missing Values
  • R Package Installation
  • Reading & Writing Data
  • Data Exploration & Alteration

4. Control Statements & Functions

  • Language – Control Instructors
  • R Functions

5. Data Visualization

  • Plotting Packages
  • Data Visualization