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Beginner R Programming

3 Lessons
11 Videos
2 Hours


Our beginner R programming course is part of the Data Mining fundamentals series which is jam-packed with all the background information, technical terminology, and basic knowledge that you will need to hit the ground running.

In this course, you will:

  • What data is, the basic vocabulary and data attributes
  • Data quality, data noise, missing values and data preprocessing, known as data cleaning
  • Different strategies used in data mining such as data aggregation and data sampling
  • Feature selection
  • Various evaluation measures
  • Data Visualization using various plots

Course Contents

1. Fundamentals of R

  • Hello World R ProgramPage
  • Data TypesPage
  • Creating VariablesPage
  • R Operators: Arithmetic, Rational, LogicalPage
  • Read and Write Data in RPage

2. Objects in R

  • Data FramePage
  • Working with VectorsPage
  • Understanding FactorsPage

3. Functions & Control Statements

  • Calling Pre-built FunctionsPage
  • Control Statements: For Loop, If, ElsePage
  • How to Write a FunctionPage