Data Science Dojo Reviews

Hear what our alumni say about our data science training.
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Emily Paynter - Hamilton Medical Center

Nelson Bonet

I enjoyed the class and the projects. I will be able to take these new...
Ralph van der Wekke - HZ University of Applied Sciences

Ralph van der Wekke

Good overview of the entire data ‘pipeline’ / chain. Enough ground for further research and...
Erika Rasmussen - Cisco

Erika Rasmussen

This is the greatest gift I could've given myself to jump forward in a field...
Vishal Gupta - Expedia

Vishal Gupta

DS Bootcamp was one of the best training I ever had in last few years....
Patrick Moss - VR3

Patrick Moss

It felt nice sitting in the back of a classroom and having someone to listen...
Lance Milner - Intel

Lance Milner

The instructors were very good. The instructors are very useful and they were able to...
Emily Paynter - Hamilton Medical Center

Joe Czyzyk

Overall enthusiasm and depth of knowledge. Dave's morning recap of the previous day was very...
Dmitry Dreyzin - Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Dmitry Dreyzin

Iskandar Budi Perkasa - Weatherford

Iskandar Budi Perkasa

Coming from different background, it's exciting to have this data science bootcamp as this is...
Sophie Daly - Cainthus

Sophie Daly

This bootcamp is an extremely efficient way to learn the fundamentals, and more importantly, application...
Michael Loehlein - PenFed Credit Union

Michael Loehlein

Data Science Dojo is an amazing intro to data science. You can do the free...
Hui Wen Ong - OANDA Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Hui Wen Ong

The class is heavily intensive with theories, practicals and useful software that keeps you ahead...
Rick Reynolds - Kaiser Permanente

Rick Reynolds

Great class. Most fun I've had had a training session in a long time! Great...
Emily Paynter - Hamilton Medical Center

Joy Ikeda

A good in depth introduction into the mechanics and fundamentals of data science. Instructors are...
Khalid Alkhorayef - ELM|Elm Company

Khalid Alkhorayef

I think that, what I learned here actually equipped me more or better to be...
Nick Knutzen - Boeing

Nick Knutzen

Came away with clear understanding about the most common machine learning algorithms.