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Hear what our alumni say about our data science training.

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Stephen Bruce

Stephen Bruce

A great week of training, and well worth the investment of time and resources. However, this is not for someone who merely wants to sit back and wait for learning to happen – this is hands on and intensive. If you come, and you should, show up ready to learn and engage with the materials, your instructors, and your peers. Read more “Stephen Bruce”

Exec. Dir. of Institutional Analytics at Regent University
Aneek Akram

Aneek Akram

To anyone coming into the world of ‘Data Science’ this is the course you must attend. Read more “Aneek Akram”

Graduate Software Developer at Aggrego Technology
Scott R. King MBA

Scott R. King, MBA

The Data Science Dojo team, via their passion for training, tremendous depth of domain knowledge and supportive attitudes delivered a great learning environment.  By support, I mean they induced thought, back and forth discussion and tested assumptions along the way. Read more “Scott R. King, MBA”

Global Sales and Marketing Operations at Concur
Joel Vengo

Joel Vengo, MBA, PMP

Without a doubt, this was a very incredible learning experience. Read more “Joel Vengo, MBA, PMP”

Investment Professional at BAYI Capital Management
Emilia Gan

Emilia Gan

Although I had already been using R to analyze my data, the clear explanations and the practice provided during the workshop helped me solidify my understanding of techniques I hadn’t been using effectively. Read more “Emilia Gan”

Graduate Student - Computer Science at University of Washington
Dan Angelone v2

Dan Angelone

It was great covering so much material, and getting the opportunity to kick start Kaggle and Github. It was a really good motivator to attempt to increase our Kaggle score, and I feel like I have the ability to participate in future competitions as well as to build models of my data. Read more “Dan Angelone”

Director, Process Management at Logicalis
Mortez Litkoohi

Mortez Litkoohi

For me with no programming background, it was the best Data Science and Data Engineering boot camp. Very effective … BIG YES! Read more “Mortez Litkoohi”

Business Project Analyst at Canadian Tire
Wayne Yao v2

Wayne Yao

I thoroughly enjoyed DS Dojo’s 5 day intensive bootcamp. Both Raja and Phuc are awesome instructors and made sure we left with a great understanding of data science and how to approach machine learning. Read more “Wayne Yao”

Senior Manager - Strategy and Analytics at BMO Financial Group
Howard Swerdfeger

Howard Swerdfeger

This was a great bootcamp. I feel I understand much of the theory I never knew before. Read more “Howard Swerdfeger”

Data Scientist at Public Health Agency of Canada
Guilherme Franca

Guilherme Franca

I really enjoyed the bootcamp! This bootcamp will prepare you to approach real problems and give you an overall understanding of data science. Read more “Guilherme Franca”

Postdoctoral Researcher at The Johns Hopkins University
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Daniel Baron

This is a great bootcamp for people who want exposure to data science but can’t take 12 weeks off work or school for an in depth bootcamp. You meet a lot of interesting people and gain a lot of perspective about what’s going on in the field of Data Science. Read more “Daniel Baron”

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Daniel Stevens

The slides, exercises, and materials were all well created.  Each exercise demonstrated previous lessons well, while introducing new concepts.  Good coverage of both theory and practice. Good coverage of mathematical basis for learning algorithms. Read more “Daniel Stevens”

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Sean Strickling

I recommend Data Science Dojo if you are interested in learning more about data science. My bootcamp was filled with individuals that skill sets ranged from beginner to advanced and one for one I feel each one gained insight that improved their individual skill set. Read more “Sean Strickling”

CFO at
Britany Selhorst Beckman

Britany Selhorst

Great experience. The focus was on how to take what you learn at the bootcamp and employ it your own work environment. I walked out feeling confident in my ability to create and deploy predictive models. Read more “Britany Selhorst”

Engineering Simulation and Data Analyst at NGA
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Ben Gretch | Data Science Dojo Reviews

The bootcamp was fantastic! As intense as you would expect five consecutive 10-hour days of data science to be, but also structured very intelligently and built to be a manageable week-long rabbit hole to dive into. Really appreciated the way the course was designed and implemented! Read more “Ben Gretch | Data Science Dojo Reviews”

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Jesse Corral

The emphasis on the importance of high level conceptual understanding [and the] domain knowledge and expertise as well as really getting to know your data is critical to doing good data science, and that one should not necessarily focus on becoming a data scientist, but should rather focus on bringing data science skills to their areas of expertise. Read more “Jesse Corral”

Verus Financial LLC
Kavitha Azhagarsamy

Kavitha Azhagarsamy

Overall quality of the boot-camp is very good. The ambiance of boot camp, motivation to teach, interest to learn were all positive. Highly qualified teachers with strong intention to make the students understand is also a big plus.I would say that it is a 5 day retreat with Great food for the tummy and brain. Read more “Kavitha Azhagarsamy”

Senior Release and Quality Engineer at Bluetooth SIG
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Jason Kace | Data Science Dojo Reviews

Data Science Dojo is the best possible 1 week course on data science.  The curriculum fits an amazing amount of material into 50+ hours and covers a wide breadth of topics.  I was able to gain new intuition and insight into a number of problems I have previously encounter.  The learning experience is stimulating and interactive, giving the participants the confidence to approach complex problems without fear. Read more “Jason Kace | Data Science Dojo Reviews”

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Ryan Mackelfresh

Truly, and end to end enlightening, educational, and professional experience. I had some technical background within the space before coming, but was really lost as to where to go to “get good”. Well, I found the place. This week far surpassed my expectations and I learned more here than I did in semesters of school. Now I have the tools to go out and get better than good (with some practice, of course)! Read more “Ryan Mackelfresh”

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Timothy Dobbins

Thorough introduction to prediction models and ensemble techniques. Obviously in a five-day bootcamp, one doesn’t become an expert. But I feel I’m well equipped to tackle some intermediate-level ML texts and apply to my own work. Read more “Timothy Dobbins”

Valerie Tan

Valerie Tan

Good balance of time spent between theoretical and practical sessions. Read more “Valerie Tan”

Assistant Vice President, Digital Campaign Management at Mediacorp Pte Ltd
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Charles | Data Science Dojo Reviews

The bootcamp gives a really really good generic course. Gives you all the intuition you need to dig deeper into data science ~ there are plenty of examples. Read more “Charles | Data Science Dojo Reviews”

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Sarika Malani

This camp offers a great balance between theory and practical exercises which facilitate the learning and retention process. Read more “Sarika Malani”

Systems Engineer
Ryan Grosch

Ryan Grosch

Great teachers show you how powerful predictive models work and how to drive them.  Then they show you a great process to filter out the bad models, so only the great models make it out into the real world. These guys gave me more tools to go out and make the world smarter. Read more “Ryan Grosch”

Business Analyst & Data Hacker at When I Work
John Williams

John Williams

I have attended multiple training classes and conferences about predictive analytics and machine learning and this was the most complete. I feel like I learned more from this training class than all of the others. The hands on experience with the Kaggle competition really helped to clarify some of the concepts for me. The instructors were very knowledgeable and had the ability to teach the topics with clarity and at a pace that wasn’t too fast or too slow. Read more “John Williams”

Manager of BI and Analytics at 1-800 CONTACTS
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Kannan Iyer

A great balance of theory and practice of Data science and data engineering delivered by knowledgeable practitioners in an immersive way! Read more “Kannan Iyer”

Shahbaz Ali Jamote

Shahbaz Jamote

It’s a great introduction to Data Science and points us in the right direction to experiment in. Read more “Shahbaz Jamote”

Chief Executive Officer at TelloTalk Inc.
Risdianto Irawan v2

Risdianto Irawan

Really enjoyed the bootcamp. The only place to learn all data science in 50 hours. Read more “Risdianto Irawan”

ICT Senior Officer at ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on disaster management
Reynaldo Corral

Reynaldo Corral

Whether you are new or already a practitioner, you will definitely learn and apply something new. Read more “Reynaldo Corral”

Data Scientist and Fullstack Web Developer at IBM Manufacturing Solutions Pte Ltd Singapore
Ankur Bhargava

Ankur Bhargava

Having worked and learning some of the machine learning algorithms in Grad School. I never appreciated how easily these can be explained and with immediate hands on usage helps to understand even better. Best thing which I liked about was Kaggle competition. Read more “Ankur Bhargava”

Sr Data Analyst at UBS
Abdulla Jassim

Abdulla Jassim

Excellent opportunity to put theory to practice. Great work keep it up. Read more “Abdulla Jassim”

Director of Licensure at Sidra Medical and Research Center
Pablo Fleurquin

Pablo Fleurquin

Awesome 5-day journey into the realm of Data Science & Engineering. Superb hands-on experience. For those starting the journey I fully recommend it!! Read more “Pablo Fleurquin”

CDO at Bluekiri
Juan Alonso Caunedo

Juan Alonso Caunedo

Would be hard to learn more in less time! Intense, complete and up to date! Read more “Juan Alonso Caunedo”

Business Intelligence Developer at EF Education First
Jörg Eitner

Jörg Eitner

The bootcamp was extremely interesting, hands on and absolutely relevant for my daily work. I am sure I will be able to apply many of the techniques learned during the bootcamp in and outside my job. In that sense having done the bootcamp was extremely worthwhile both professionally and personally! Read more “Jörg Eitner”

Data Scientist at Deutsche Post
Eran Hirsch v2

Eran Hirsch

The bootcamp gave me an in-depth introduction with all data science topics. You get to sit with the instructors on your own Kaggle project which really helps all these topics sink in. Read more “Eran Hirsch”

Co-founder at
Seth McDonald v2

Seth McDonald

Fantastic course. Was able to answer many questions I had from previous online courses. Read more “Seth McDonald”

Data Scientist at Encino Energy
Guberan Dhayalan

Guberan Dhayalan

This is a one of the best programs offered out there for someone who would like to learn about data science in a short period of time. Read more “Guberan Dhayalan”

Data Scientist/ Medical Economics Business Partner- Specialty Pharmacy at Highmark Inc.
Avenicio Baca

Avenicio Baca

Best use of my learning budget I have ever used as a professional! Read more “Avenicio Baca”

Senior Revenue Analyst at Concur
John Franko v2

John Franko

Data Science Dojo bootcamp was an amazing experience.  They material and lessons are very well organized and easy to follow. Read more “John Franko”

Practice Manager, Intelligence at ProKarma
Yunfeng Chen v2

Yunfeng Chen

As an layman of data science, I was exposed to different software, concepts, analysis processes, and understanding. Different people can get different insight from this bootcamp. You can get an opportunity to communicate and network with people from different backgrounds. The instructors were passionate, enthusiastic, friendly, responsible, and knowledgeable. The bootcamp does not end after its deadline. It is fantastic that you can ask for their help and support anytime after the bootcamp. Who will deny the lifecycle training service Overall, I will definitely recommend this bootcamp to anyone who is interested in data science! Read more “Yunfeng Chen”

Assistant Professor at Purdue University - Purdue Polytechnic Institute
Malisah Fay

Malisah Fay

I highly recommended this boot camp to any of those who is new to Data Science or to anyone who have been doing this all along. The discussions from participants help me understand further of the real business problem and the application of the data science. Raja is awesome! Read more “Malisah Fay”

Sr. Marketing Technologist & Analytics at Concur Technologies
Alexandre Secanove v2

Alexandre Secanove

It was a great bootcamp, covering a lot of pragmatical and real world problems in a short time. Really interesting if you want to enhance your skills to lead your current job in a new way, and so even if you’re not from a CS or maths background! Read more “Alexandre Secanove”

IT & Data Consultant at Wavestone
Nomita Paul

Nomita Paul

I have had multiple members of my QA team attend this training. This has really helped the QA discipline at our company and changed the perspectives on how to look at data in a positive manner. We are more focused in instrumentation and data analysis rather than relying heavily only on synthetic lab tests to determine the Quality of our products. Read more “Nomita Paul”

Senior Quality Engineering Manager at Bluetooth SIG
Jason D Baker

Jason D. Baker

Data Science Dojo bootcamp was an excellent learning experience. Read more “Jason D. Baker”

Associate Vice President & Senior Technology Strategist at Regent University
Matthew Sattler v2

Matthew Sattler

If you are beginning your journey in Data Science or looking to see how to apply data science principles into your business; Data Science Dojo is a MUST! Read more “Matthew Sattler”

Global Head of Data Science at HSBC Global Banking and Markets
Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright

This bootcamp was a perfect balance between theory and application.  Unlike some of the other programs out there, I felt the class really helped students understand the ‘why’ behind machine learning as much as the ‘how’. Read more “Matthew Wright”

Founder at Zahlen Solutions LLC
Sudha Solayappan

Sudha Solayappan

Data Science Dojo effectively peels the layers on different algorithms. I really liked the emphasis on the concepts and the hands on learning. I walked away feeling exhilarated with knowledge of newer tools. Read more “Sudha Solayappan”

Manager, People Data and Analytics at Intuitive Surgical
Pier Lorenzo Paracchini 1

Pier Lorenzo Paracchini

Lots of valuable insights, met wonderful and interesting people, good discussions and lots of fun. Kudos for all of the participants, the great lectures Raja and David – our guides in this journey and finally all of the people at #DataScienceDojo – Mona always ready to help out and Phuc for his helpful videos. Read more “Pier Lorenzo Paracchini”

Software Developer (Principal) with a passion for Machine Learning/ Data Science at Equinor
Syed Hasan Ali Shah

Syed Hasan Ali

If you want a quick head start in the data science field, then make sure to sign up for a Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp! Read more “Syed Hasan Ali”

C.E.O and Founder at Oersted Electronics
Jussi Kajala v2

Jussi Kajala

Experiencing and experimenting with the tools of modern machine learning and predictive analytics is eye-opening! Read more “Jussi Kajala”

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board at 3DBear
Wang Zhan

Wang Zhan

I learned a lot about data science and data engineering and had a good time here in the bootcamp. Read more “Wang Zhan”

Data Scientist at One Concern
Showvik Sizan

Showvik Sizan

I had a great time learning new and complex topics in an easily comprehensible format because of the high quality… Read more “Showvik Sizan”

Senior Data Engineer at
David Espinola Torrent

David Espinola Torrent

Really nice week! I learned a lot of things. I will definitely recommend it! Read more “David Espinola Torrent”

Software Engineer at InfoJobs at Adevinta Spain

Manuel Beronilla

I love the whole idea of the bootcamp. I have a graduate degree in statistics but the learning experience from the bootcamp gave me a picture behind data science and engineering as it applies to industry. The hands-on real-world application I learned from this bootcamp inspired me to pursue a career in data science. Thanks Raja. You are awesome. Read more “Manuel Beronilla”

Math Instructor at The National Hispanic University

Ahmed Mapara

Extremely useful techniques taught during the bootcamp. A variety of tools introduced to get you up and running on your data science mission. Worth all the time and effort and money. Read more “Ahmed Mapara”

Product Manager at IIROC

Michael Copeland

Great course for people looking to ramp up into data science. Instructors are passionate about data and are invested in your learning. Read more “Michael Copeland”

Senior Data Developer at MacLaren McCann

Kaitlyn Kelley

Data Science Dojo provided me with a map to navigate all the data science information online. After the class, learning data science actually seemed less overwhelming. Read more “Kaitlyn Kelley”

Business Development Coordinator at Remote Medical International
Arnobio Morelix

Arnobio Morelix

Data Science Dojo is the perfect step to take you on the path to becoming a data scientist. Want to become a data scientist? Look no further. Start here! Read more “Arnobio Morelix”

Director of Research at Startup Genome

Robin Penfold

The course was the ideal mix of theory and practice, both impressively clear and organized. Read more “Robin Penfold”

Head of Analytics, Manager Research | Director, Investments at Willis Towers Watson
Shahid Ali

Shahid Ali

As a BI developer with couple of years experience in big data and data science, I always felt the need to polish my skills by understanding the core concepts of data science. This bootcamp gave me a lot of confidence in problem solving and scientifically approaching predictive modeling issue. I am looking forward to building some real world machine learning models. Read more “Shahid Ali”

Tech Lead BI and Analytics at
ChanderNaveen 2

Naveen Chander

I had taken a few classes related to data science in college and worked on some projects. But, I didn’t know what data science skills were needed in the industry and how they were used. This bootcamp helped me bridge the gap between classroom and actual industry experience. Read more “Naveen Chander”

Data Analyst at Alation
Sudeep Vishnumurthy

Sudeep Vishnumurthy

This is a great introductory course for data science. It touches a wide range of topics and provides the participants with enough awareness & skills to pursue additional learning on their own. The instructors are knowledgeable, passionate and willing to get in to detailed in depth discussions about any of the topics. The weeklong course is fairly intense and the instructors did a great job keeping the participants engaged. Read more “Sudeep Vishnumurthy”

Sr Principal Engineer & Director at UnitedHealth Group
Walter Kissling

Walter Kissling

The bootcamp had examples of situations where predictive analytics was being used, which gave me ideas on how I could apply predictive analytics to my own projects. It also exposed me to a variety of technologies which I had never used before; such as: Hive, HBase, and Hadoop. Most importantly, the bootcamp gave me a solid understanding of big data, predictive analytics, and resources I can use use to further expand my knowledge in the subject matter. Read more “Walter Kissling”

Consultant at PredictWallStreet
Heather Harris

Heather Harris

The workshop confirmed my decision to become a data scientist. Through effective hands-on learning, I completed the course able to explore a new data set, form a hypothesis about the data, and build models from which meaningful information could be extracted. Read more “Heather Harris”

Data & Analytics Principal and Practice Lead at Koniag Government Services
raj kulkarni

Raj Kulkarni

This is great course for newbie and professionals with experience in domains of their knowledge. Definitely recommend to go for this course! Read more “Raj Kulkarni”

Senior Cloud Security Architect at Informatica
Hania El Ayoubi

Hania El Ayoubi

Superb experience. I hope there is a followup bootcamp in Toronto! Read more “Hania El Ayoubi”

Software Developer at IBM Canada
sathish rao koteshwar

Sathish Rao Koteshwar

I was looking for a good bootcamp for learning the basics of Data Science and found this course very good. Frankly, Data Science has been an area which always felt a bit intimidating and some of my prior training courses (online) left me with a lack of basic understanding. Read more “Sathish Rao Koteshwar”

Vice President, Analytics at Metromile
steven porter

Steven Porter

I was impressed with the course material and the instructors. Looking back, it is hard to believe we learned so much in such a short amount of time. The DataScienceDojo instructors covered the materials thoroughly, and made sure the entire class understood concepts before moving to the next. The training covers aspects of data science, data engineering, and real world examples. There is plenty of additional material to continue the learning after the bootcamp. The bootcamp is an excellent value. I would definitely recommend signing up and taking the course. Read more “Steven Porter”

Enterprise Architect at Cost Plus World Market
Olufemi Adeluyi v2

Olufemi Adeluyi

Data Science Dojo lives up to its reputation – it is a 5-day journey that can transform a data science newbie into a confident and adventurous enthusiast! I fully recommend it. Read more “Olufemi Adeluyi”

Technical Assistant (Information Technology) at Federal Ministry of Communications, Nigeria
Bilal Aslam v2

Bilal Aslam

If you are a working professional interested in growing your career in data science or big data, I highly recommend Data Science Dojo. Raja will teach you, in the span of two short days, how to be dangerous with data science. He will teach you the basics of exploratory data analysis, R, and model building and testing. It’s immediately clear that Raja loves to teach, and his passion for data science is infectious. Best of all, Raja will teach you about the big pitfalls in data science. During the Kaggle competition, you will work with a group of motivated students who took the class with you to apply your newly-minted skills. 10/10 would sign up again! Read more “Bilal Aslam”

Director of Product Management at Databricks
Sophie Daly

Sophie Daly

This bootcamp is an extremely efficient way to learn the fundamentals, and more importantly, application of data science in a very short time. Having funded the course and travel expenses entirely myself, I was naturally apprehensive about the cost. However, before the end of the first day, these concerns completely vanished. This bootcamp is guaranteed value for money. There is no way I could have learnt the materials covered in this training by myself, and not for lack of trying. Studying from a book, or online tutorials just does not compare to the interactive, discussion-based learning approach Raja provides. The Data Science Dojo experience quickly transitioned my thinking and language from academic abstraction to business pragmatism and I cannot recommend this bootcamp highly enough. Read more “Sophie Daly”

Data Scientist at Cainthus
John Farrell

John Farrell

The Data Science Dojo boot camp was a great way for me to go from knowing little about data science to knowing enough to make me effective at planning strategic data science initiatives in my organization.  In addition to getting a good feel for the tools and processes of data science, I also learned a lot of hands-on skills.  The course was dense so over the course of the five days the friendly and knowledgeable instructors provided a fantastic amount of information.  I had so much fun learning the tools and skills I kept up with my data science education and managed to do two months of an online course in two days just with the knowledge I learned during the bootcamp. Read more “John Farrell”

Senior Software Engineer at PowerInbox
Dave Porter

Dave Porter

Instructors passion, enthusiasm for the subject, willingness to help. Wide range of topics covered in an accessible manner, good balance between maths and presenting things in a easy way to understand. Read more “Dave Porter”

Data Scientist at
Kinshuk Srivastav

Kinshuk Srivastav

I have attended many training’s and courses on Data Science but this one was the game changer for me. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Read more “Kinshuk Srivastav”

Senior Product Manager at CBRE
Fabricio Fontes

Fabricio Fontes

It was an awesome experience to accumulate a breath of knowledge and resource materials to start the journey on the world of Data Science and Engineering. It SAVED me a ton of researching time and brought me important insights. Thank you! Read more “Fabricio Fontes”

Project Manager ( Consultant ) at ATB Financial
Kevin Krueger

Kevin Krueger

All around hands on approach, lectures, interaction, and topics. I enjoyed the approach of developing the theory behind the application of data science and the interactions in the lectures. I’m looking forward to the follow up mentoring and Kaggle activity. All of the instructors were enjoyable and I learned a lot from all of them. Read more “Kevin Krueger”

Sr. Technology Engineer at AbbVie
Hussein Nijem 2

Hussein Nijem

A great bootcamp to start the big data and predictive analytics journey. I got the chance to experience working with the necessary tools (Azure , R , Hadoop…) with a clear understanding of the theory and application! The instructors are great and I can now apply many of the learnings in my work immediately. Thanks to everyone who made this happen. Read more “Hussein Nijem”

IT Project & Portfolio Officer at EQUATE Petrochemical Company
Jaclyn Harwood

Jaclyn Harwood

I cannot say enough good things about the Data Science Dojo bootcamp. The instructors were knowledgable and engaging, and the material was not only relevant but extremely interesting. I thought they did an amazing job touching on all topics at both a high level and then also going deep into the logic underneath. After this week I truly feel I know what it means to be a Data Scientist and how to use the tools at my disposal to draw actions/insights from data. Read more “Jaclyn Harwood”

Data Analyst at PowerReviews
Shaena Montanari v2

Shaena Montanari

I feel so much more confident about approaching data now. Before I was completely unsure where to start and now I feel like I have a handle on so many different data-based topics Read more “Shaena Montanari”

Newton International Fellow at The University of Edinburgh
Leon Ross v2

Leon Ross

Data Science Dojo is exactly what I was looking for in a week long Data Science Boot Camp. The training was intense and in depth, however, the instructor’s methods for teaching the curriculum made it accessible, easy to understand, and fun. Their passion really cultivated a desire in myself to continue to grow and learn even more about this field. Read more “Leon Ross”

Senior Member of the Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories
Jim Hill

Jim Hill

As a leader of a BI organization, I came to the Bootcamp to learn as much as I could about predictive analytics. The week was intense, but it far exceeded my expectations. I learned the processes; I learned the theory; and I gained lots of hands on practice. This course gave me the knowledge and the the tool experience to bring predictive analytics back to my company. Read more “Jim Hill”

Director of Data Management at 1-800 CONTACTS
Vinod Neelakantan

Vinod Neelakantan

I highly recommend Data Science Dojo for your entry into the world of machine learning and predictive analytics. Either you are an experienced working professional or entry level person, you will certainly enhance your knowledge and profile after the 5 day intense boot camp. Read more “Vinod Neelakantan”

VP Corporate Development at CTS Corporation
Christine Ndege

Christine Ndege

I had been trying to get into data science for many months, watching videos like those posted by the Harvard Data Science cs109 class but at the end of the day I wasn’t really learning efficiently or learning all that much at all because it wasn’t clear how what they were teaching me would relate to my job and I also didn’t have the opportunity to ask questions about topics I wasn’t familiar with. Read more “Christine Ndege”

Solutions Engineer at Zymergen, Inc.
Ali Sharaf v2

Ali Sharaf

Data Science dojo bootcamp has exceeded all my expectations! Coming from a software development background, yet, I had spent months trying to figure out where to start and how to learn Data Science/ Machine Learning and ended up lost in online courses, Hadoop and big data platforms without a clue. In five days, I feel extremely enabled and ready to apply machine learning with full potential. The Kaggle competition was the best part where learning curve and confidence goes up high. I highly recommend and endorse the bootcamp. I’m also impressed by the strong knowledge of the instructors! Read more “Ali Sharaf”

Senior Analyst - Data Science at Tatweer Petroleum
Ahmad Al Benali

Ahmad Al-Benali

Data Science Dojo is the best data science training you can get for your money outside top university programs. Read more “Ahmad Al-Benali”

Six Sigma Specialist - Black Belt at EQUATE Petrochemical Company
Suzanne Smith v2

Suzanne Smith

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I loved the instruction, the instructors, the pace, and the hands-on activities. Read more “Suzanne Smith”

Associate Professor at Johnson County Community College
Mohammad Evazi v2

Mohammad Evazi

This is a great bootcamp for a wide variety of people. You learn about programming and math behind the data analytics while applying the techniques on real world data. Instructors are very passionate to teach and help us learn the concepts methodically and pave the way for expanding on our machine learning skills later after the bootcamp as well. In addition, we get involved in a Kaggle competition (machine learning) that is fun and very instructive. Read more “Mohammad Evazi”

Data Scientist and Senior Reservoir Engineer at California Resources Corporation
Jasmina Patel

Jasmina Patel

I absolutely loved this class. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in analytics or data in general! I have attended many bootcamps and courses, and this has been the best so far. The instructors are all great and have a knack for explaining things multiple times and in multiple ways if you are having a hard time understanding. They actually care about your success and its rare to find! Read more “Jasmina Patel”

IT Product Manager at Advantage Solutions
Jessica Streeter

Jessica Streeter

This course was absolutely awesome. The pace was great, the material was very relevant to my job, and I feel like I’m leaving with a ton of tools that I can start using the second I get back to work. Read more “Jessica Streeter”

Data Scientist at Community Behavioral Health
Alexandre Oppermann

Alexandre Oppermann

One of the best event I’ve participated in. Very good teaching skills and the perfect match between theory and exercises. Read more “Alexandre Oppermann”

Big Data Product Owner at
Rafael Pena

Rafael Pena

The best bootcamp that I have ever participated! Read more “Rafael Pena”

Product Engineering Manager - Big Data & Semantics at

Harini Kannan

This bootcamp got the basics of Data Science covered. We not only learnt how to build Predictive models, but also learnt how to tune them to perform better and how to interpret the results. It’s a great course for any aspiring Data Scientist. Read more “Harini Kannan”

Data Scientist at Capsule8
Raphael Almeida

Raphael Almeida

An intense and memorable learning experience. Thank you for the good work. Read more “Raphael Almeida”

Data Scientist at
Julianna Renaud

Julianna Renaud

This bootcamp was a great experience for someone like myself that wanted to learn more about data science and has never written R code or used Azure before. Be prepared for a busy week, but you’ll leave excited to learn more and try using your own data when you return to the office. Read more “Julianna Renaud”

Data Scientist at Blue Moon Digital, Inc.
Allison Ottenbacher

Allison Ottenbacher

I really enjoyed this bootcamp. The instructors are enthusiastic and the whole week is very interactive and hands on. I’m just beginning my data science journey, but I am excited to implement some of the skills learned in Austin this week. Read more “Allison Ottenbacher”

Manager Data Analytics at Ascension
Ralph van der Wekke

Ralph van der Wekke

Good overview of the entire data ‘pipeline’ / chain. Enough ground for further research and practice. Good instructors. Read more “Ralph van der Wekke”

Lecturer at HZ University of Applied Sciences
Vasileios Giagkoulas v2

Vasileios Giagkoulas

A good opportunity for those with relevant background (either in math/stats or in computer science/developing) to make a head-start in the data science field. Read more “Vasileios Giagkoulas”

Lead Data Scientist at Shell
Pieter Marres

Pieter Marres

If you are looking for a practical 1 week course in Data Science, lead by instructors who are really passionate about the subject, you have found it now! Read more “Pieter Marres”

Data Analytics Consultant at Triple A - Risk Finance
Peter Schols

Peter Schols

I would highly recommend the bootcamp to colleagues without any hesitation. I had a great week and I’m sure many of the topics we learned will be applied at our company in order to more efficiently diagnose patients with severe genetic disorders. Read more “Peter Schols”

Founder and CEO at Diploid

Case Studies

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Digital Marketing

The roadmap laid by Data Science Dojo has been able to help fuel my growth which in turn fuels the growth of my company.

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Patrick Butler
Digital Marketing Strategist, 2060 Digital

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Education Technology

We went from having very limited information to suddenly have very targeted outreach to the customer and in the end, that not only turned into increased business.

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Michael Hernandez
Director of Account Management for Clinical Assessment at Pearson Education

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Business Financial

Data Science Dojo was effective in forcing me to level up quickly and rigorously, there’s nothing like being in a room for five days learning data science.

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Eytan Bensoussan
Founder and CEO

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Data Science Dojo has been an incredible opportunity for me to be able to take some of my baseline skills and to build on them and to get some ideas on things that we can incubate over the next years of Breaking Ground.

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Jacky Sawyer
Director of Data Services, Breaking Ground

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