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Hear what our alumni say about our data science training.

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Kayleigh Yuqiao Li 1

Kayleigh Li

There are four things I liked most about this bootcamp. First, the diversity of attendants. Second, they provided a roadmap… Read more “Kayleigh Li”

Data Scientist at Crowe
Avatar 300

Joe Czyzyk

Overall enthusiasm and depth of knowledge. Dave’s morning recap of the previous day was very valuable. Even though the pace… Read more “Joe Czyzyk”

Advanced Analytics Math Modeler at The Dow Chemical Company
Faisal Alswied 1

Faisal Alswied

I was looking for a bootcamp that would make me more confident with my analytical and data analysis skills. Data… Read more “Faisal Alswied”

Policy Analyst at G20 Saudi Secretariat
Elena Krasheninnikova v2

Elena Krasheninnikova

Really good explanation with great simple examples

Senior Data Scientist - Team Lead at IKUSI
Avatar 300

Dieter Adelmann

The bootcamp was greatly helpful as an introduction to data science. The pre-bootcamp courses were helpful to get ready for… Read more “Dieter Adelmann”

Bristol Priebe

Bristol Priebe

I enjoyed the instructors’ passion, sense of humor, and willingness to answer questions. I also enjoyed learning R as I… Read more “Bristol Priebe”

Data Analyst at ITA Group, Inc.
Avatar 300

Ayyappa Kolli

Overall the 5 days was a good experience to understand unknown things and really get a few thoughts to expand… Read more “Ayyappa Kolli”

Application Development Lead at Aon Risk Solutions
Ameya Dhaygude 1

Ameya Dhaygude

I have been doing data science for over 6 years now. I wanted a refresher on the latest data science trends, and this bootcamp exceeded my expectations Read more “Ameya Dhaygude”

Data Scientist at The Dow Chemical Company
Avatar 300

Akwasi Boateng

Overall a very good class.

Lead Advanced Analytics Consultant at Kaiser Permanente
Neera Aggarwal 1

Neera Aggarwal

Invaluable experience. I had little knowledge of machine learning and programming coming into the bootcamp, but feel more empowered and… Read more “Neera Aggarwal”

Director, Payment Integrity at Kaiser Permanente
Khaled Jafar 1

Khaled Jafar

Phuc’s and David’s energy and passion for data science was omnipresent in the boot camp. I really enjoyed the classification… Read more “Khaled Jafar”

Senior Director, Business Transformation Analytics at Dell
Aaron Carney 1

Aaron Carney

Great learning environment. Good material. Good teachers. The amount and quality of information learned was amazing! Read more “Aaron Carney”

Freelance Data Scientist & Physicist
John Cathey 1

John Cathey

The bootcamp was wonderful and good for Data professionals at all levels. I can’t believe how much content we were… Read more “John Cathey”

Director of Product Analytics at Kazoo HR
Alex Galley 1

Alex Galley

This has been the best training course I have taken outside a University setting. I was a little skeptical when… Read more “Alex Galley”

A&D Manager at Manti Tarka Permian
Camilia Lellis

Camilia Lellis

Data Science Dojo is an amazing course! I have already started thinking of ways to apply these skills to my… Read more “Camilia Lellis”

Senior Data Analyst at Merck
Ahmed Chaudhary 1

Ahmed Chaudhary

What I liked most about this boot camp were the instructors and the discussions they had.

Senior Software Engineer - Machine Learning at Nordstrom
Brian Taylor v2

Brian Taylor

The data exploration, feature engineering, and modeling was fantastic! I wish we could have spent the entire week doing just… Read more “Brian Taylor”

Business Intelligence Manager at BrainStorm, Inc.
Brazos Lackey

Brazos Lackey

I was able to learn more during this bootcamp than I was able to learn on my own in the past few months online. Read more “Brazos Lackey”

Market Analyst at Koch Energy Services, LLC
Eunice Yang 1

Eunice Yang

The bootcamp is very well organized and you leave with plenty of material to continue learning data science on your own. Read more “Eunice Yang”

UX Researcher at PROS
Rick Reynolds v2

Rick Reynolds

Great class. Most fun I’ve had had a training session in a long time! Great content. Great instructors. Really enjoyed… Read more “Rick Reynolds”

Director of Advanced Analytics at Kaiser Permanente
Avatar 300

Devendra Godbole

What I liked the most is the instructor’s passion on the topics. Enjoyed the bootcamp!

Senior Consultant at Dell
Sravanthi Yerroju

Sravanthi Yerroju

With the overwhelming information available on Data Science, this boot camp gave a comprehensive look and got me ready to… Read more “Sravanthi Yerroju”

Business Intelligence Solutions Lead at CORT
Weldat Habte

Weldat Habte

The instructors were knowledgeable and super helpful.

QA Engineer/ Manager at National Oilwell Varco
David Law v2

David Law

Good coverage on most data science related topics and a decent amount of hands-on labs.

Data Scientist at Maven Wave Partners
Koteswara Rao Ivaturi

Koteswara Ivaturi

Best introduction to the world of data science. If you are thinking about a career as a Data Analyst, Data… Read more “Koteswara Ivaturi”

Manager, Accenture Research at Accenture
Phil Fehlinger

Phil Fehlinger

This bootcamp was great! Excellent information packed into a whirlwind week. Before I took this training, data science seemed to… Read more “Phil Fehlinger”

Manager Risk Analytics at Change Healthcare
Avatar 300

Kevin Kunz

I have, throughout my professional career, had the opportunity to attend many training camps/sessions/courses. From a value for the dollar… Read more “Kevin Kunz”

Data Scientist - Business Intelligence Architect at Whitebox Advisors
Avatar 300

Gopi Gogada

Data Science Dojo is great bootcamp. It provides basics to work on data science.

James Madder

James Madder

I enjoyed the bootcamp. This was one of the best courses I have ever taken.

Consultant at Avanade
Elena Fiocca

Elena Fiocca

I thoroughly enjoyed this bootcamp, and I am honestly sad to go back to my job after this experience. I… Read more “Elena Fiocca”

Business Intelligence Analyst at INSIGHT2PROFIT
Bulent Baskus

Bulent Baskus

I really enjoyed the bootcamp. Topics that are mentioned at the bootcamp can be practically used in our daily jobs.… Read more “Bulent Baskus”

Lead Consultant at STM
Slah Alsaleh

Slah Alsaleh

Thank you for such a wonderful course. It is a real data science bootcamp worth spending a week on!

Vice Dean, Academic Partnerships, Common First Year at King Saud University
Siddarth Seshadri

Siddarth Seshadri

I attended the Washington DC bootcamp from May 8 to 12th. I signed up for this bootcamp because of the… Read more “Siddarth Seshadri”

Lead Technical Analyst Consultan at Nuveen
Michael Walker

Michael Walker

Dave was a great instructor and kept things very interesting throughout; getting a solid introduction to R and diving into… Read more “Michael Walker”

Systems Analyst II at HomeTrust Bank
Ken Hunt

Ken Hunt

Loved the hands on work, especially setting up API in Azure, and other stuff mostly in Azure. I would like… Read more “Ken Hunt”

Marketing Director, Reporting, Analytics & Data at Concur Technologies
Cláudio Luz v2

Cláudio Luz

One week of real learning about data science!

Product Owner at
Bryan Povlinski

Bryan Povlinski

The Data Science Dojo bootcamp was an eye-opening experience into world of data science. I started my career in data… Read more “Bryan Povlinski”

Business Intelligence Consultant at Allegion
Briana Sallee

Briana Sallee

I thought the instructor explanations were good especially the first couple of days…. I very much appreciated that we were… Read more “Briana Sallee”

Sr. Business Analyst at ORIX USA Corporation
Augusto Gesualdi

Augusto Gesualdi

Instructors managed to bring data science topics to a noticeably diverse audience in a way that, at least for me personally, was greatly enriching. Read more “Augusto Gesualdi”

Sr. Technical Product Manager at Coya
Andrew Triplett MA

Andrew Triplett

I loved this bootcamp! I never would have imagined I would learn as much as I did in such a… Read more “Andrew Triplett”

Marketing Data Scientist at Domino's
Avatar 300

Samer Sabri

Very good training, I feel like I know enough about each topic “to be dangerous”.

Avatar 300

Remeen Farrokh

A very good boot camp. It was intense but was very well conducted.The topics were very relevant and the instructors… Read more “Remeen Farrokh”

Business Analyst at Lufthansa German Airlines
Chaudhry Sohail

Chaudhry Sohail

Great program.

Head of Data Science and Analytics at Bank Alfalah Limited
Samer Abdallah v2

Samer Abdallah

Very informative and exciting.

Solution Developer at Al Elm
Sajid Akhtar

Sajid Akhtar

Data Science Dojo’s Bootcamp has been an excellent experience, given the vast number of data science topics covered in a… Read more “Sajid Akhtar”

Technology Director, Data Sciences at Publicis Media
Hisham Almadhi 1

Hisham Almadhi

Did not expect this bootcamp to be as helpful as it was, really learned so much during a short period… Read more “Hisham Almadhi”

Customer Experiance Specialist at STC
Aveesha Soonarane 1

Aveesha Soonarane

Overall it was a good experience and in general, content was made very interesting, thanks to lecturers’ good delivery.

Research Executive at Kantar
Avatar 300

Christian Halley

The instruction of the bootcamp was really top notch — both Phuc and Dave were great. This bootcamp serves as… Read more “Christian Halley”

TitleSr. Revenue Science Analyst at FedEx
Alice Yajing Chen

Alice (Yajing) Chen

This bootcamp is not only a great start and introduction for data science, but also very interesting to cover state-of-art… Read more “Alice (Yajing) Chen”

Data Scientist at Slalom
Avatar 300

Stan Bianou

This bootcamp was incredible, the instructors demystified most of the data science and concept and lingo I was familiar to… Read more “Stan Bianou”

Avatar 300


Data Science Dojo Bootcamp is very intuitive and comprehensive. The “mighty” instructors are very knowledgeable and can provide in-depth explanation… Read more “Anonymous”

Sunil Yadav

Sunil Yadav

The topics covered were good. It had a logical flow. The pre-bootcamp topics were very helpful in getting started early.

Data Analyst at FedEx Services
Sarah VanWormer

Sarah VanWormer

Their technical knowledge is excellent– they know their stuff! I really appreciate the accessibility and their willingness to help.

IT Director at City of Battle Creek, Michigan
Omar Ali 1

Omar Ali

After this crash-course on the fundamentals of predictive analytics, I can now confidently implement predictive models at work. Read more “Omar Ali”

Predictive Diagnostics Analyst at EDP Renewables
Jordan LeGrand

Jordan LeGrand

Data Science Dojo’s week long bootcamp provided me with enough knowledge, understanding, and experience to go back to work and… Read more “Jordan LeGrand”

Advanced Analytics Consultant at Kaiser Permanente
Jaimeet Gulati 1

Jaimeet Gulati

The instructors and the material is fantastic and very well explained. These are very hard concepts to explain to beginners, but the instructors did a great job getting down to the level of the students, and take the time to answer all the questions with patience and ease. Read more “Jaimeet Gulati”

Associate Director, Capital Equipment Procurement at EDP Renewables North America
Hsiang Yi Lin

Hsiang-Yi Lin

Both instructors did a great job in taking us through a densely packed material and showed us the possibility of… Read more “Hsiang-Yi Lin”

Principal Business Transformation & Strategy Consultant, Executive Coach at MKMB Consulting
Cody Morgan

Cody Morgan

Data Science Dojo is by far the best bootcamp for anyone interested in gaining knowledge in machine learning. Read more “Cody Morgan”

IT Development Manager at EDP Renewables
Lawrence Whitney

Lawrence Whitney

Great introduction to data science for all kinds of backgrounds.

Software Engineer at Chicago Trading Company
Avatar 300

Kapil Gadkar

Excellent introduction to Machine Learning.

Senior Scientist at Genentech
Avatar 300

Ed Roske

Whew! I used a kerosene lantern to find information and I just got trained on LEDs. Phuc and Dave know… Read more “Ed Roske”

Rebecca Otten

Rebecca Otten

I was a little apprehensive signing up for DataScienceDojo because of my lack of experience with coding and data science,… Read more “Rebecca Otten”

Director - Business Analytics at Kairos Living
Avatar 300

Patricia Fontes

Excellent course design, studying material and instructors! And a good balance between theory and practice. It is quite impressive what… Read more “Patricia Fontes”

Sr product development manager at
Avatar 300

David Li

This is one of the best bootcamp I have joined. The instructors are very knowledgeable and they have machine learning… Read more “David Li”

Sr. DW/BI Architect at Vibes
Avatar 300

Chad Hattabaugh

Lots of really good material is a very short time, but the instructors do a very good job of delivering… Read more “Chad Hattabaugh”

Data Architect at UofL Hospital
Prerak Desai

Prerak Desai

The instructors were great. Great blend of theory and hands on training.

Senior Scientist - Translational Biomarker Research at Janssen Inc.
Nathan Rose

Nathan Rose

The variety of topics was helpful, and the teachers did a great job of organizing their teaching to give the… Read more “Nathan Rose”

VP Advertising Systems at Scorpion
Lt Col Rakibul Hassan

Lt Col Rakibul Hassan

Great insight for future fortune tellers!

Project Director at Ministry of Home Affairs
Marcio Tristao

Marcio Tristao

The balance between how data science dojo presents complexes concepts and tools of data science and the hands on tasks… Read more “Marcio Tristao”

Product Development Manager (Sports) at
Laura Mast v2

Laura Mast

Very much enjoyed this intensive bootcamp; it was challenging but not intimidating. The participants were engaged, friendly, and curious. The… Read more “Laura Mast”

Co-founder at Data Mining & Supply, LLC
John Cain

John Cain

Great course! Solid content coverage. Great cost value. Worked well for a non-technical person (me). Days were run on time… Read more “John Cain”

Co-founder at Data Mining & Supply, LLC
David Víquez 1

David Viquez

This was amazing, the instructors are incredibly good both on knowledge and teaching skills, the practical and theoretical balance is… Read more “David Viquez”

Software Engineer at Samtec Smart Platform Group
David Herman

David Herman

The bootcamp really solidified what I learned through Coursera and self study. Nothing compares with talking to the instructors here. Read more “David Herman”

Data Engineer at Scorpion
Daniel Calvo

Daniel Calvo

I expend a lot of time gathering information about Data Science bootcamps. As a full-time worker, long lasting bootcamp is… Read more “Daniel Calvo”

Software Engineer at Samtec Smart Platform Group
Avatar 300

Jean Choi

Be prepared to follow the Phuc-Rabbit and Mighty David Langer down the rabbit hole of data science, and emerge on… Read more “Jean Choi”

Avatar 300

Padma Seshadri

Great exposure to a wide variety of topics in the data science space. Labs, great examples  to take back for… Read more “Padma Seshadri”

Enterprise Datawarehouse Manager at Post Foods
Avatar 300

Lubo Domic

Nice overview, touched every aspect of data science and data engineering.

Technical Lead at MPAC
Dennis Nguyen Do

Dennis Nguyen-Do

Absolutely amazing bootcamp! I feel very enabled! Very hands-on and in-depth look at what it is like to be a… Read more “Dennis Nguyen-Do”

Data Scientist at SharpestMinds
Crisanto Lopez

Crisanto Lopez

Very comprehensive. Excellent materials.

Assistant Professor of Biology at Ateneo de Manila University
Wayne Collins

Wayne Collins

Instructors had vast experience and were able to drill down as needed to explain. Prep materials were excellent.

Director, Machine Learning Platform Development at Cerebri AI
Timothy Ambler

Tim Ambler

The bootcamp format is great (tiring, but great). Instructors had a lot of passion about the subjects and it showed.

Pricing and Marketing Support Manager, Canada Fuels Marketing at Chevron
Shabbir Patanwala CBAP PMP

Shabbir Patanwala

Amazing, exhilarating and awesome Data Science bootcamp. It was kind of pilgrimage to DS world. Instructors were super helpful in… Read more “Shabbir Patanwala”

Sr. Business Analyst, Global Compliance Business Management at TD Bank Financial Group
Ramzi Abdelmoula v2

Ramzi Abdelmoula

True to their slogan: Data science for everyone

Senior Advanced Technology Specialist - AI/ML & Speech tech at General Motors
Peter Szaflarski

Peter Szaflarski

DSD is a fun and supportive environment to learn or sharpen your data science skills quickly!

Director, Data Engineering at Thomson Reuters
Patricia Angela Abu v2

Patricia Angela Abu

Bootcamp shows an end to end topic/discussion from the tools, the Math and the implementation using actual datasets — from… Read more “Patricia Angela Abu”

Assistant Professor Ateneo de Manila University
Mathias Saver

Mathias Saver

The amount of topics covered during the bootcamp was very comprehensive, at least for someone with no prior knowledge of… Read more “Mathias Saver”

Computational Biologist - Postdoctoral Fellow (EIPOD) at EMBL
Linda Wong

Linda Wong

I liked the introduction to the tools (i.e. R programming) and process used for predictive analytics, modelling, and etc.

Technical Risk Analyst at Wave HQ
Lauren Polstein Toth Ph.D.

Lauren Toth

Data Science Dojo is a great week-long crash course on data science and machine learning. There’s enough breadth and depth… Read more “Lauren Toth”

Senior Principal Engineer at Northrop Grumman
Jasmine Nguyen

Jasmine Nguyen

Very great and practical course led by amazing instructors!

Customer Data Analyst at Toronto Star
Avatar 300

Bill Rolison

I liked everything about the boot camp. Raja, David, and Phuc were very good at making sure everyone understood the… Read more “Bill Rolison”

Armstrong Group of Companies
Susmitha Nambuthiri

Susmitha Nambuthiri

It showed me the amazing opportunities out there in the data world, Thank you!

Researcher at Washington State Department of Health
Surendran Neelakantan v2

Surendran Kadambanattu

I enjoyed the bootcamp. Learned lots of new technologies.

Senior GIS Developer for the State of Washington
Satakarni Bommuluri

Satakarni Bommuluri

Simply terrific. Really enjoyed it. Read more “Satakarni Bommuluri”

Synergy Software Engineer at Norfolk Southern Corporation
Kunal Parekh

Kunal Parekh

Data Science Dojo is a great place to learn data science. The instructors are extremely skilled and passionate about teaching.… Read more “Kunal Parekh”

Principal, Marketing Analytics at Discover Financial Services
Luiz Gustavo Ribeiro Amorim

Luiz Gustavo Amorim

Your material is superb and it reflects a high standard of organization, process… you really care a lot about quality.

Sr Product Manager of Entertainment and Voice Assistants at

Jasmine Wilkerson

I have always been fascinated with data science; it’s almost like doing magic with data.  But, getting myself started with… Read more “Jasmine Wilkerson”

Data Scientist at KenSci
Tiffany Li

Tiffany Li

I feel like I am walking out with a solid understanding of data science as well as the resources to go further. The bootcamp transformed me from not knowing where to start to being able to build my own predictive models! Read more “Tiffany Li”

Senior Data Scientist at Criteo
Meghna Suresh

Meghna Suresh

I like that it gave me the tools to go develop skills in specific areas (R, ML modeling in particular) on my own. Read more “Meghna Suresh”

Head of Product at Replicant
Tomoyuki Shikata

Tomoyuki Shikata

I did not have any background in computer science or programming, but I had always wanted to start learning data… Read more “Tomoyuki Shikata”

Investment Manager at STRIVE

Case Studies

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Digital Marketing

The roadmap laid by Data Science Dojo has been able to help fuel my growth which in turn fuels the growth of my company.

Learn More

Patrick Butler
Digital Marketing Strategist, 2060 Digital

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Education Technology

We went from having very limited information to suddenly have very targeted outreach to the customer and in the end, that not only turned into increased business.

Learn More

Michael Hernandez
Director of Account Management for Clinical Assessment at Pearson Education

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Business Financial

Data Science Dojo was effective in forcing me to level up quickly and rigorously, there’s nothing like being in a room for five days learning data science.

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Eytan Bensoussan
Founder and CEO

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Data Science Dojo has been an incredible opportunity for me to be able to take some of my baseline skills and to build on them and to get some ideas on things that we can incubate over the next years of Breaking Ground.

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Jacky Sawyer
Director of Data Services, Breaking Ground

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