Data Science Bootcamp Learning Plans

Our plans are designed to make data science accessible to everyone.
Pick a plan that works best for you.


Comprehensive instructor-led training

Comprehensive instructor-led training with additional support and verified certificate.

Comprehensive instructor-led training with practical work experience & career support.

CITREP+ eligible


Video tutorials


Learning material

Instructor-led immersive learning

Code git repository

R/Python Exercises

Course material

Kaggle data science competition

R Studio Online

Four handbooks (PDFs)

Chat forum

Bonus R/Python exercises

Office hours

Data science certificate

R/Python Jupyter Notebooks

Software subscriptions

Recorded lectures

Alumni network

50+ additional exercises

Learning portal access

1 month

6 months

12 months

Internship at Data Science Dojo

Resume writing

Mock data science interviews

1:1 mentoring

Career support

What is the Difference?

All the plans include live training, with expert instructors covering a comprehensive curriculum. Although there is no difference in the curriculum, some plans come with additional benefits and more practical experience.


The Dojo plan includes 16-week Data Science Bootcamp and is designed for individuals who do not need additional instructor support or practice. Students on this plan should already have a fundamental understanding of data science and machine learning.


The Guru plan includes everything in Dojo along with additional instructor support. Students opting for this plan will receive support through dedicated office hours and more practice. The Guru plan also comes with a verified certificate from the University of New Mexico.


CITREP+ is the equivalent of our Dojo plan but is designed specifically for citizens and permanent residents of Singapore. Citizens and PRs of Singapore may be eligible for a subsidy up to SGD 3000 from the Singapore government after the completion of the Bootcamp.


Practicum plan ideal for career changers and job seekers. Students opting for the Practicum plan will get to work with our data science and engineering teams after the Bootcamp. The 12-week internship period and career support will help them succeed in the job market.

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