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Why Data Science Dojo?

Data Science Dojo is a paradigm shift in data science learning. We offer short-duration, in-person, hands-on data science training that will get you started with practical data science in just one week.

2300+ attendees from our past bootcamps speak highly of us.


Our comprehensive curriculum teaches professionals how to extract actionable insights from data

Getting ready for data science bootcamp

Before you come in, we will get you ready for the bootcamp.

A series of live instructor-led tutorials will teach you the fundamentals of data science and introduce you to the basic functions of R programming, Amazon and Azure tools for data science and engineering.

5 day immersive data science training

Learn and apply data science. 10 hours a day for 5 days.

Our carefully crafted curriculum provides the right mix of theory, hands-on labs, math, science and engineering. Our experience instructors bring anecdotes from frontlines to solidify learning.

Beyond the data science bootcamp

More learning, hands-on projects and networking.

At the end of the bootcamp, our experienced data scientists guide your participation in a Kaggle competition. Graduates receive invites to alumni-exclusive events, tutorials and networking groups.


This is a superb program. It’s also very accessible for those without a CS background. I loved the fact that I walked away empowered with the tools and I actually understood it! Highly recommend it, especially for management consultants such as myself.

Thomas Park
Thomas ParkEngagement Manager at McKinsey & Company

It was amazing learning so much in such a short amount of time.  For 6 days worth of data science bootcamp, it far exceeded my expectations of what I was about to learn.  The teachers were engaging, the material was simplified for how grandiose the topics were, and that helped to have a strong foundation for jumping into the data science field.

Daniel FrimerData Analyst. Automating Logic

I can’t believe how quickly I went from knowing next to nothing to actually building a working machine learning model and understood the basic principles. The class was phenomenal for giving me a basic understanding of the principles and also give me hands on experience. I’ve never learned so much packed into so little time – the best technical class in over a decade.

Nicole AllenPrincipal Program Manager at Microsoft

I came from almost no background in Machine Learning. I learnt not only how to effectively use the tools available but also the internals of various machine learning techniques. This kind of information is not available in online tutorial or courses because it needs a deeper engagement to understand the intricacies involved.

Manish Kumar GuptaSenior Software Engineer at Microsoft

DSD’s balance of theory with practical application is the best I’ve seen. You’ll gain an appreciation for the mathematics, without feeling overwhelmed by it, then be immediately ready to start using the tools and techniques.

Michael ToddPrincipal Software Architect at Microsoft

The workshop is very well structured, fantastically taught, has the right amount of breadth and depth and most importantly, it is actionable. A bunch of us from the class formed a team to participate in Kaggle competitions and were able to immediately apply the machine learning concepts we had learnt in the workshop. I came away with a genuine passion for data science

Premal ShahSenior Program Manager at Microsoft

The bootcamp exposed me to a variety of technologies which I had never used before; such as: Hive, HBase, and Hadoop. Most importantly, the bootcamp gave me a solid understanding of big data, predictive analytics, and resources I can use use to further expand my knowledge in the subject matter.

Walter KisslingMaster of Financial Engineering Candidate at UC Berkeley

It’s immediately clear that Raja loves to teach, and his passion for data science is infectious. Best of all, Raja will teach you about the big pitfalls in data science. During the Kaggle competition, you will work with a group of motivated students who took the class with you to apply your newly-minted skills. 10/10 would sign up again!

Bilal AslamCo-Founder and Director of Products at Appuri Inc.


Employees from these companies have attended our bootcamps, workshops and corporate trainings.


Our teaching and mentoring team consists of the best data scientists with experience working for leading data science companies.

Upcoming Data Science Bootcamps

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Are there any prerequisites?
The only prerequisite is knowledge of one programming or scripting language. We will teach you the required background material in the weeks prior to the bootcamp.
How long is the bootcamp?
5 days of in-person, hands-on learning. 10 hours a day from 8 am – 6 pm.
Where can I find a detailed course outline?
You can find it here.
Do you offer any corporate training workshops?
Yes. Please submit a request here.
What is the price?
$3000. However, depending on when you register, various discounts may apply.
What is included in the price?
Course material: Data science books, a 300-page course handbook, software/subscriptions for cloud resources, IoT hardware, post bootcamp mentoring. Meals: Lunch, refreshments and snacks on all days of the bootcamp.
Do you offer any financial assistance?
Yes. We offer student fellowships, various group discounts, and a no-interest flexible payment plan.
More questions?
Refer to the FAQ page for more questions.


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