Data Science Bootcamp

with an introduction to data engineering

In-person, short-duration, and practical data science learning. Designed for working professionals.

Why Data Science Dojo?

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Because 12 week bootcamps are too long and online learning does not give you an interactive learning experience.

Short Duration

Our award winning 5-day curriculum has been tested and proven on 5000+ attendees. If you are a working professional longer duration is not an option.

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Tried online data science courses that don’t work? You are not the only one. Online courses have less than 5% completion rates. Our bootcamp has 100% completion rate



Immersive, hands-on learning designed to focus on business ROI. Our attendees start applying data science at work immediately after the training

Case Studies


More than 1500 companies globally have trusted us for their learning needs. Check out the growing list of companies that trust us for their training needs

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Does a 5-day bootcamp format work?

Our instructors are also practitioners who understand what actually matters in the real-world.

We emphasize on the right place of best practices of data, model building, defining  metrics, evaluation, parameter tuning, storytelling, and actionable insights in the entire data science pipeline.

We focus on what matters – minus the hype.

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Tiffany Li

I feel like I am walking out with a solid understanding of data science as well as the resources to go further. The bootcamp transformed me from not knowing where to start to being able to build my own predictive models! Read more “Tiffany Li”

Tiffany Li
Senior Data Scientist at Criteo

I have always been fascinated with data science; it’s almost like doing magic with data.  But, getting myself started with projects is the hardest part.  What I learned in the class has served as jump-start tools for me and open up doors to discover many other techniques.  Raja’s passion for teaching data science is unquestionable.  Raja makes… Read more “Jasmine Wilkerson”

Jasmine Wilkerson
Data Scientist at KenSci
Meghna Suresh

I like that it gave me the tools to go develop skills in specific areas (R, ML modeling in particular) on my own. Read more “Meghna Suresh”

Meghna Suresh
Head of Product at Replicant
Eldon Prince 2

I’ve been surprised that it’s been really uniquely tailored to my needs, but also to the needs of my classmates. I see that depending on how technical you really want to get or hands-on you want to be, there’s really something for everyone. Loved the enthusiasm for data science from the instructors! Read more “Eldon Prince”

Eldon Prince
Senior Principal Data Scientist at Dell
Eunice Yang 1

The bootcamp is very well organized and you leave with plenty of material to continue learning data science on your own. Read more “Eunice Yang”

Eunice Yang
UX Researcher at PROS
Ameya Dhaygude 1

I have been doing data science for over 6 years now. I wanted a refresher on the latest data science trends, and this bootcamp exceeded my expectations Read more “Ameya Dhaygude”

Ameya Dhaygude
Data Scientist at The Dow Chemical Company
Mike Dwyer 1

I thought 10 hour days would go slow, but they actually went fast (and am glad they set the tone on day one that we would be there the entire time). Read more “Mike Dwyer”

Mike Dwyer
Sr SQL Developer at Société Générale
Jirui Qin

The instructors made the bootcamp the most enjoyable and informative class I’ve ever taken. Read more “Jirui Qin”

Jirui Qin
Quant Research at Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Sofia Auer

This was drastically different than a lot of my education, and it’s exactly why I signed up for the course. Read more “Sofia Auer”

Sofia Auer
Data Scientist at National Research Council Canada
Melia Mearns

I really enjoyed being able to learn data science concepts in a hands-on environment. Read more “Melia Mearns”

Melia Mearns
Workforce Analyst at Zappos Family of Companies
Mitchell Browning

Raja’s delivery is impressive, to say the least, and it makes the long days seem short. This is the best training I’ve received in my professional career. Read more “Mitchell Browning”

Mitchell Browning
Application Developer at TransCanada
Kapil Pandey

Great bootcamp. Awesome for someone looking to start their analytics career. Do not worry if you are not technical but be ready to work hard and long Read more “Kapil Pandey”

Kapil Pandey
People Analytics Manager at Samsung Electronics America
Erika Rasmussen

This is the greatest gift I could’ve given myself to jump forward in a field I’m passionate about.

Erika Rasmussen
Business Operations Manager at Cisco

Trusted by more than 1500 companies globally

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Our immersive, hands-on data science bootcamp has served more than 5000 working professionals from 1500+ companies. Take our 5-day, practical course. Our passionate teaching team consists of leading data scientists and practitioners. We focus on problem solving in real-world business context while providing the right balance between theory and practice.

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Scheduled Bootcamps

Each discount tier (20%, 15%, 10% and 5% off) has a limited number of seats.

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