Alice Yajing Chen

Alice (Yajing) Chen

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Kevin Hassnain
Senior Data Scientist
If you’re looking for a career change, I honestly cannot tell you a better program than this… the most powerful thing about this bootcamp is that the instructor prefers these sessions to be interactive. So that’s huge because we would have discussions on the simplest topic to the complex topic and he would stay patient until it’s clear.
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DataScience boot camp training helped me understand what Data Science is all about. Gave me good insights into how some data science concepts can be implemented in various fields/areas. I would definitely recommend attending this training to know how important data is and knowing how it helps in solve some complex problems in this Data driven world.
Ashwin Athreya Vankayala
Ashwin Athreya Vankayala
Software Engineer II
Data Science, as offered by Data Science Dojo, just is the perfect place or me to come and retool a little bit. At my school, we’re thinking about creating a data science intro course so I thought I would come and learn from some experts and see what people in the industry are doing and obviously ultimately my goal is that when my students graduate that they might be attractive to people in industry so I want to make sure that they’re learning the right things.
Sharon Lane Getaz
Sharon Lane-Getaz
Associate Professor
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