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Sriharsha Pasupuleti

Data Analyst

Data Science Dojo, like any other course, they are doing a better job at making us aware that we are not going to make the students who are coming here data scientists. We are going to give them enough tools to build what is necessary to go ahead with their careers and that is exactly what has happened at Data Science Dojo.

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Hamad Anwar
Vice General Manager
The atmosphere was great. There’s people from so many different industries and because the environment is so collaborative, everyone’s sharing their ideas. I was able to find some ideas from the medical industry, from the finance industry, which was helpful for helping me solve some problems in our e-commerce space.
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Guilherme Franca
Guilherme Franca
Postdoctoral Researcher
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Vatsal Ajmera
Vatsal Ajmera
Data Scientist
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