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Research Engineer – Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium

Serge Grenier received his Ph.D. in Materials Engineering at the École Polytechnique de Montréal.

  • I’m not from the IT industry, I’m an engineer with a PhD; I’m essentially an Excel and Word user, so I’m from the extreme end of the spectrum as far as a participant to this thing.  I think there is a lot of benefit in terms of eliminating bad data and how to treat with missing data also.  I thought the professors were excellent, they were very good presenters and were extremely competent.  I like the fact that the instructor presented some good examples also; I can see that these guy have a lot of work experience.  There is a lot of material and I can’t wait to go back to spend time trying to analyze the amount of data that I have. I see a bit of untapped potential for engineers, people like me, and corporations that do not work in the IT world.  People who process lots of data with real products, I think there is a lot of potential.

    Serge Grenier – Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium

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Serge Grenier
Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium