Nicole Allen

Nicole Allen

Principal Group Program Manager

I can’t believe how quickly I went from knowing next to nothing to actually building a working machine learning model and understood the basic principles of what I built. The class was phenomenal for being able to give me a basic understanding of the principles and also give me hands on experience. I’ve never learned so much packed into so little time – the best technical class in over a decade.

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This the best bootcamp I ever attended. The instructors knew what the were talking about and used real life example. The environment is more of a discussion rather than a...
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Baboyma Kagniniwa
GIS Consultant
Lots of valuable insights, met wonderful and interesting people, good discussions and lots of fun. Kudos for all of the participants, the great lectures Raja and David – our guides...
Pier Lorenzo Paracchini 1
Pier Lorenzo Paracchini
Software Developer (Principal) with a passion for Machine Learning/ Data Science
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