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Nichole Nobbman

Nebraska Book Company, Inc.

I think this bootcamp is best suited for anyone who’s interested in data science either as a career or anyone who either leads a team or manages people who are data scientists. I feel like I’m walking away with a lot of really usable information and a base level of information to build on if I decide that I want to go further in the data science field.

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Andres De Frutos Zambrano
Business Development Manager
My experience being a Data Science Dojo student has been pretty awesome. Everyone’s been amazing. Raja keeps us engaged; it’s a lot of participation. At times you’re kind of out of your comfort zone and it can be a little bit tough. But what differentiates Data Science Dojo is that Raja doesn’t teach the specific tools and the skills, but he gives you the theory.
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If you already kind of have one foot in the field in the sense that you’re already working with da...
Heejoong Kim web
Heejoong Kim
Senior Data Analyst
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