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Software Engineer – Synergist Computing

Marcus Wyche received his Masters of Science in Information Systems Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University.

  • So far my experience has been great as a Data Science Dojo student.  Each day Raja and Dave have been very helpful in explaining all the various different concepts to me and the rest of the students in the class, and they do a great a job of providing real world examples and how they relate to data science.  I do feel like I’m going to get to apply what I’ve learned to my current job after the 5 days in bootcamp, and I feel like I could take some of the things I’ve learned and definitely be able to solve any issues that I have.  I think this bootcamp is best suited for individuals who want to add machine learning to their current skillset but are also working professionals–coming out for a week is much easier than maybe going to some bootcamp or taking off work for months on end, trying to learn these things yourself.

    Marcus Wyche – Synergist Computing

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