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Lance Milner


The instructors were very good. The instructors are very useful and they were able to kind of bring things to a very wide audience. So there are some people in the class who had very little data science experience and some who had graduate degrees in statistics. And also they provide a lot of resources so, for the things that I didn’t know in R and I didn’t see the examples for, the books that we were given were very useful.

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I really enjoy Raja's passion for teaching! I was able to follow along with the concepts and the reasoning which will enable me to execute on the job! Thanks!
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Kristy Wegloski
Local Area Network Manager
This was an excellent workshop on machine learning. Practical and great to get started with building predictive models. The most important thing that happened was I somewhat overcame my fear...
Manash Majhi v2
Manash Majhi
Sr. Product Intelligence Manager
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