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John Conway


I work at a large software company. I’m on a data engineering and you know data analytics team, so we have a lot of data and we know there’s a lot untapped inside in our data at this point. I was looking for a data science class because I read a lot I’ve looked at many videos and stuff but there’s something about getting hands-on. Being able to also, you know, see the gaps in my understanding because you can read a book and you can watch a video but you can’t ask yourself questions. So having a bootcamp like Data Science Dojo to come to and ask those questions.I chose Data Science Dojo because so first up the length it fit much more to my schedule and also it had quite a breath of like all the different parts that I was interested in. And also they showcase a lot of different technologies not just like open source not just like Microsoft. It’s pretty intense I mean these are really, really long days but there’s a lot of questions, very interactive, a lot of great examples you know I mean – it’s hands-on, right, I mean and you actually get to see what makes a lot of the inner workings of the machine learning models why they work the way they are so you can become a better subject matter expert right by knowing these details.

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Hamad Anwar
Vice General Manager
The atmosphere was great. There’s people from so many different industries and because the environment is so collaborative, everyone’s sharing their ideas. I was able to find some ideas from the medical industry, from the finance industry, which was helpful for helping me solve some problems in our e-commerce space.
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My favorite part of the bootcamp was definitely the people that I met. The staff was very helpful, I...
Chris Shei
Chris Shei
Head of Developer Relations
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