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Data Science Dojo – Las Vegas, April 2017

Jay Gulati received his BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rice University.

  • The way the material was taught at Data Science Dojo was absolutely fantastic. It really helps to get it from a mentor that actually has been in big companies that actually do this for a living or have led teams that do this for a living. There is a lot of things thrown at you, but there is a lot of exercise to go along to which you can apply it.

    Jay Gulati – EDP Renewables North America


Jaimeet Gulati 1

Position: Associate Director, Global Operations Performance Management

Employer: EDP Renewables North America

Education: Bachelor of Science – Electrical and Computer Engineering

Alma Mater: Rice University

Cohort: Las Vegas, April 2017

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Jay Gulati
Associate Director PM – EDP Renewables