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Jaichitra Balakrishnan

Deloitte Digital

This bootcamp is an extremely efficient way to learn the fundamentals of data science, and more importantly, apply it to practical and known business cases in a very short time. The interactive, discussion-based learning approach provided by the bootcamp is what makes it a valuable experience. The Data Science Dojo experience quickly transitioned me from an experienced ‘descriptive analytics’ professional to a skilled and intuitive, albeit novice ‘predictive analytics’ professional.

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Louell Uy
Mining Engineer Consultant
The course has really given me a passion to pursue more of the data science world. Because I know what data science is capable of, I now know what I can pursue in the future.
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The bootcamp is very well organized and you leave with plenty of material to continue learning data science on your own.
Eunice Yang 1
Eunice Yang
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