Ali Sharaf v2

Ali Sharaf

Senior Analyst - Data Science

Data Science dojo bootcamp has exceeded all my expectations! Coming from a software development background, yet, I had spent months trying to figure out where to start and how to learn Data Science/ Machine Learning and ended up lost in online courses, Hadoop and big data platforms without a clue. In five days, I feel extremely enabled and ready to apply machine learning with full potential. The Kaggle competition was the best part where learning curve and confidence goes up high. I highly recommend and endorse the bootcamp. I’m also impressed by the strong knowledge of the instructors!

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I really enjoyed being able to learn data science concepts in a hands-on environment.
Melia Mearns
Melia Mearns
Workforce Analyst
The course was the ideal mix of theory and practice, both impressively clear and organized.
Robin Penfold
Head of Analytics, Manager Research | Director, Investments
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