Environmental Testimonials

Jim Hill

As a leader of a BI organization, I came to the Bootcamp to learn as much as I could about predictive analytics. The week was intense, but it far...

Bilal Aslam

If you are a working professional interested in growing your career in data science or big data, I highly recommend Data Science Dojo. Raja will teach you, in the span...

Sudeep Vishnumurthy

This is a great introductory course for data science. It touches a wide range of topics and provides the participants with enough awareness & skills to pursue additional learning...

Babith Bhoopalan

This was easily one of the best training’s I have attended in my 10 years at Microsoft. A perfect combination of hands on, fundamental theories and adequate attention to...

Arnobio Morelix

Data Science Dojo is the perfect step to take you on the path to becoming a data scientist. Want to become a data scientist? Look no further. Start here!

Ravi Botla

Data science dojo was the best bootcamp that I attended in a long time. The best part was how an ocean of knowledge was fit into 5 days with...

Supriya Guha

Fantastic approach to data science. Sets perfect context and gives enough knowledge/materials/tools to get cracking and keep learning.

Dan Angelone

It was great covering so much material, and getting the opportunity to kick start Kaggle and Github. It was a really good motivator to attempt to increase our Kaggle...

Colin Parry

I wanted to get started in data science but just didn’t know where to start. There is so much material online and you never know what to trust or...

Rajnish Sharma

The best training I have attended, where the course material as well as quality of instructors were excellent.

Qinyi Chew

Great, comprehensive course in the fundamentals of data science and engineering. Perfect for those who want to be able to apply data science solutions quickly at work.

Kunal Parekh

Data Science Dojo is a great place to learn data science. The instructors are extremely skilled and passionate about teaching. The class generally consists of people with diverse backgrounds...

Peter Szaflarski

DSD is a fun and supportive environment to learn or sharpen your data science skills quickly!

Wayne Collins

Instructors had vast experience and were able to drill down as needed to explain. Prep materials were excellent.

Rebecca Otten

I was a little apprehensive signing up for DataScienceDojo because of my lack of experience with coding and data science, but I’m really glad I listened to the other...

Hsiang-Yi Lin

Both instructors did a great job in taking us through a densely packed material and showed us the possibility of data science/machine learning (and beyond). You can tell they...

Jordan LeGrand

Data Science Dojo’s week long bootcamp provided me with enough knowledge, understanding, and experience to go back to work and begin implementing forecast models. A week ago, data science...

Sarah VanWormer

Their technical knowledge is excellent– they know their stuff! I really appreciate the accessibility and their willingness to help.

Sunil Yadav

The topics covered were good. It had a logical flow. The pre-bootcamp topics were very helpful in getting started early.

Stan Bianou

This bootcamp was incredible, the instructors demystified most of the data science and concept and lingo I was familiar to without necessary understanding the meaning and the usage.The training...

Alice (Yajing) Chen

This bootcamp is not only a great start and introduction for data science, but also very interesting to cover state-of-art techniques and tools used across industry. Very practical and...

Christian Halley

The instruction of the bootcamp was really top notch — both Phuc and Dave were great. This bootcamp serves as a really solid and surprisingly thorough introduction to data...

Sajid Akhtar

Data Science Dojo’s Bootcamp has been an excellent experience, given the vast number of data science topics covered in a short time frame. It’s intense and a steep learning...

Ken Hunt

Loved the hands on work, especially setting up API in Azure, and other stuff mostly in Azure. I would like to see additional courses with more focus… Like a...

Arun Aggarwal

I had many doubts before coming to the bootcamp but this bootcamp is worth every minute. It is done very professionally, and instructors are experts in their subject area.

Rick Reynolds

Great class. Most fun I’ve had had a training session in a long time! Great content. Great instructors. Really enjoyed it and will start applying the tools when I...

John Cathey

The bootcamp was wonderful and good for Data professionals at all levels. I can’t believe how much content we were able to cover in 5 days. Also the class...

Khaled Jafar

Phuc’s and David’s energy and passion for data science was omnipresent in the boot camp. I really enjoyed the classification predictive analytics module and the step by step process...

Neera Aggarwal

Invaluable experience. I had little knowledge of machine learning and programming coming into the bootcamp, but feel more empowered and excited to tackle the world of predictive analytics!

Erika Deckter

The lectures were overall engaging and interesting. I also really liked the Kaggle competition, even though it was frustrating at times.

Neeti Gupta

This is the best training course that I have taken in a long time. I’d recommend it highly to marketing and product management leaders at all stages of their...

Ali Khaki

Great introduction and overview of DS and ML, combining both theory and practice leaving me confident and excited to explore the subject thoroughly with more confidence in the future.

Ardiana Sula

The data science boot camp was really interesting and I didn’t know that I will get into a lot of critical thinking, and learning and using new feature engineering.

Carlo Selwat

This course provided an excellent overview about the space of machine learning, existing platforms and mathematical and statistical basics to understand it all. I can whole heartedly recommend to...

Marwan Rateb

Great introduction to Data Science. Gives you the confidence and tools to start using Data Science in the real world!

Ravi Ramachandran

This was an excellent class that covered a lot of valuable material on the key concepts of data exploration, feature engineering, and machine learning as well as of the...

Adriaan Vreeke

This has been a great way to get up to speed with data science. I can’t wait to apply the new skills.

Pamela McGovern

This was an excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience with data science. I have learned skills that will be immediately applicable in my career.

Nereo Loresto

Being a leader in the Security Analytics domain, I gladly sent several of my employees and attended myself the Data Science Dojo Bootcamp. In our mission to apply Data...

Heather Mechler

This bootcamp was the perfect opportunity for me to expand my data science skill set in a low pressure, high positivity environment. There really was something for everyone here,...