Shanmuga Pillaiyan

Awesome Bootcamp!

The course was well structured to gradually introduce key concepts. Raja spent significant time and great effort to ensure everyone understood the key concepts. With this solid foundation I feel that I can now expend my knowledge further on my own.

The course is well balanced between theory and practical hands on work. The practical work has enabled me to immediately start testing implementation at work right after the bootcamp. Amazing transformation that someone can start attempting to solve real problems in just a week!

Raja’s knowledge and his ability to explain complex concepts in a easy to understand way is phenomenal. Raja’s passion to teach everyone data science is the simplest way is commendable. He is “democratizing” data science for everyone. There is clarify of focus on solving the business problems and not getting carried away with the technology.

I have never learnt so much in a week! The experience has changed my paradigm on Machine Learning. From something perceived as only for “rocket scientist”, I now have the confidence and knowledge to start exploring on how I can use machine learning to solve business problems at my startup. The course has inspired me to further grow my knowledge in Data Science.

Thank you Data Science Dojo

Shanmuga Pillaiyan
Principal Consultant Company at ChangeDynamics Consulting