Career Support Testimonials

Agha Enmad Asif Khan

Extremely good bootcamp whereby you get multiple flavors of data science from theory to the practical applications. An intensive one-week exercise with engaging instructors polishes your skills and enhances...

Sana Salman

Data Science Dojo was an insightful workshop that was an eye opener to the practical hands on best practices for data science. The amalgamation of tools and theory was...

Agron Fazliu

If you want to turbo charge your career using Data Science and Engineering – go for the Data Science Dojo Bootcamp.

Prashant Kale

Sessions definitely exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed learning from Brian. I know these insights are going to helpful for me in my next career as a Data Scientist/Team...

Geiler Hidalgo

I really enjoyed the bootcamp and found it highly educational… Variety of students’ background, good conversations and group engagement.

Bill Rolison

I liked everything about the boot camp. Raja, David, and Phuc were very good at making sure everyone understood the concepts before moving on. Overall I feel that I...

Hisham Almadhi

Did not expect this bootcamp to be as helpful as it was, really learned so much during a short period of time. Couldn’t believe I would be able to use...

Benson Philemon

I loved the bootcamp. It was a very good experience for me. I am leaving here having more knowledge in data science

Xi Chen

My experience with the bootcamp is awesome! I was able to learn so much and I feel much more confident and prepared for future challenges I will face in...

Jon Lindenauer

This is a rigorous course and is a boot camp. I enjoyed the challenge and learned a lot. Definitely a good course to jump start your career in Data...

Zeshan Qureshi

Before coming to this class, I didn’t know anything about Data Science. They clarified all of my confusion and give us ample amount of information and exposure to build...

Pamela McGovern

This was an excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience with data science. I have learned skills that will be immediately applicable in my career.

Susan Parigian

The Big Data Boot Camp was a very worthwhile experience which increased my knowledge on modeling.

Raynard Jackson

The Data Science Bootcamp is the best way to get up to quickly get up to speed on the latest in Predictive Analytics!

Nelson Bonet

I enjoyed the class and the projects. I will be able to take these new skills and apply them right away in order to improve our processes.

Phillip Calahane

Boot camp was challenging but will move the needle on my career forward.

Robert Thornton

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about Data Science and especially to those who have a desire to use it. I would caution you that...

Kristy Morris

Very good bootcamp. Intense but well worth it. Good foundation to build on. Thank you Raja!!

Kristy Wegloski

I really enjoy Raja’s passion for teaching! I was able to follow along with the concepts and the reasoning which will enable me to execute on the job! Thanks!