Amsterdam Testimonials

Amanda ten Brink

The data science bootcamp is an amazing way to improve your skills in data science and engineering! The content of the training and the trainers themselves are amazing. Now...

Floor Wijnen

Awesome bootcamp. Before the bootcamp I mostly considered myself a data analyst, but now feel I have the tools and basic knowledge to develop myself as data scientist. Lots...

Andreas Schmidt

A great all-in-one Data Science Event giving a great overview in state-of-the art techniques and technologies

Hans Dekker

If you are at the point that you were introduced to data science and are in need of the proper knowledge to take the next step, I would definitely...

Harm Bons

Intensive but great bootcamp!! It handles all the important topics of this moment, which you need to know and supports you to execute your job well!!

Michael Sikkema

A very thorough introduction of many aspects of Data Science and Data Engineering in only one week. The course is supported by an easy to use  learning portal that...

Agron Fazliu

If you want to turbo charge your career using Data Science and Engineering – go for the Data Science Dojo Bootcamp.

Niklas Andersson

Interesting discussions with very competent instructors who more than willingly offered to answer any questions during the breaks or even staying after 6 0’clock doing so.

Peter Schols

I would highly recommend the bootcamp to colleagues without any hesitation. I had a great week and I’m sure many of the topics we learned will be applied at...

Pieter Marres

If you are looking for a practical 1 week course in Data Science, lead by instructors who are really passionate about the subject, you have found it now!

Vasileios Giagkoulas

A good opportunity for those with relevant background (either in math/stats or in computer science/developing) to make a head-start in the data science field.

Ralph van der Wekke

Good overview of the entire data ‘pipeline’ / chain. Enough ground for further research and practice. Good instructors.

Dave Porter

Instructors passion, enthusiasm for the subject, willingness to help. Wide range of topics covered in an accessible manner, good balance between maths and presenting things in a easy way...

Sophie Daly

This bootcamp is an extremely efficient way to learn the fundamentals, and more importantly, application of data science in a very short time. Having funded the course and travel expenses...

Shahid Ali

As a BI developer with couple of years experience in big data and data science, I always felt the need to polish my skills by understanding the core concepts...

Jaimeet Gulati

The instructors and the material is fantastic and very well explained. These are very hard concepts to explain to beginners, but the instructors did a great job getting down...