Michael DAndrea – SASB

Data Science Dojo – Seattle, March 2016

Michael Dandrea received his Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship from Cornell University – S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management.

  • The current organization I’m at, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, we’re a nonprofit that creates accounting standards for sustainability.

    I manage both data science and our XBRL, which is the data standard program for the organization. I was looking for something that was intense and focused that could really accelerate my learning. You know have just take one week off from work being able to learn enough that can apply to my job and I was really critical. I wish I had taking this when I first started learning I mean like many people I learned online, took a lot of courses.

    I worked with some data science contractors my organization has hired but it was really nice to have it all brought together and can be explained in a clear manner that I can understand how things work here you know end to end. You know going through the whole data science pipeline and just understanding at high level what these algorithms mean. Really give me a foundation to learn more on my own and also just you know how to actually be productive and use this.

    Certainly if you’re interested in this area I think it can accelerate your knowledge to the point where you can definitely learn a lot faster than if you’ve done on your own. It’s focused, it is intense, but certainly you know not only the program the content the teachers the other students who are also hungry to learn. Great experience.

    Michael DAndrea – Sustainability Accounting Standards Board


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Position: Technology Program Manager – Data Science & Products

Employer: Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

Education: Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) – Entrepreneurship

Alma Mater: Cornell University – S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management

Cohort: Seattle, March 2016

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