Data Science Dojo Reviews | Nida Fuad

Inspection Data Coordinator – Syncrude Canada LTD

Nida Fuad works as a Inspection Data Coordinator at Syncrude Canada LTD.

  • You’d think that it’s a beginner’s course but it really isn’t. I felt extremely challenged most days, I was just sitting there scratching my head certain days, but the good thing about all of our Senseis is that they’re very resourceful.  You can ask them anything and they usually can give you an answer for what you were doing wrong, and what you need to do, where you need to concentrate.  I would definitely recommend this course because I think it gives you the tools to do a lot of your work extremely fast, compared to what we currently do because we do have to clean up a lot of our data using visual bases or just running filters, and I think that whole process in R or Azure would be so much faster.

    Nida Fuad – Syncrude Canada LTD

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