Jimmy Nguyen

Jimmy Nguyen-Data Science Dojo

Jimmy Nguyen is currently a Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn, where he uses analytics, insights, and experimentation to guide strategic decisions for the data powering LinkedIn’s Economic Graph. The son of Vietnamese refugees and a Silicon Valley native, Jimmy was one of LinkedIn’s first HR to Engineering transfers, transforming

George Mount

Data Science Dojo G. Mount

George Mount is the founder and CEO of Stringfest Analytics, a consulting firm specializing in analytics education and upskilling. He has worked with leading bootcamps, learning platforms and practice organizations to help individuals excel at analytics. George regularly blogs and speaks on data analysis, data education and workforce development. George holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Hillsdale College and master’s degrees in finance and information systems from Case Western Reserve University. He resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

Kevin Dayaratna


Kevin D. Dayaratna, Ph.D. explores questions on the boundary of policy, statistics, and economics as Chief Statistician, Data Scientist, and Senior Research Fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis (CDA). An applied statistician, he has researched and published on the use of high-powered statistical models in public policy, medical outcomes, business, economics, and professional sports among many other fields.

In CDA, he draws upon scores of statistical models including CDA’s individual income tax model, corporate tax model, Social Security rate of return model, climate simulator model, climate economics models, and energy model to name a few. Dayaratna is a prolific scholar, having published numerous papers both at Heritage as well as in the peer reviewed literature in statistics, economics, law, and public policy journals. His work has also been referenced by both the Obama and Trump administrations, numerous lawmakers, presidential candidates, and major media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, the National Review, National Public Radio, and Fox News among many others. In addition, Dayaratna gives numerous talks throughout the country about his work both to lawmakers as well as the general public.

Dayaratna frequently briefs lawmakers and testifies before Congress as well as state governments to offer his expertise on the issues he publishes on. During President Obama’s second term, Dayaratna found a major flaw in the administration’s climate modeling that forced the administration to open up this entire class of modeling to public comment. His continued work on this and other related areas constituted the basis for a number of major policy decisions made by the Trump administration as well. Dayaratna’s expertise on energy modeling has also been utilized by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which he has aided to consider analyzing energy policies using the same tools he uses at Heritage.

Beyond energy and climate policy, Dayaratna has worked on many other policy areas at Heritage as well. He started out his career at Heritage as a graduate fellow in health policy in 2012, publishing research comparing outcomes of Medicaid to private insurance as well as research on free markets in health care. Since then he has worked on numerous other policy areas as well including tax, energy, climate, public health, medical licensure, Social Security, welfare, and labor policy.

Dayaratna grew up in Princeton Junction, N.J. He did his undergraduate work at the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in applied mathematics with a specialty in mathematical physics. He also holds two masters degrees from the University of Maryland, one in business and management and the other in mathematical statistics. In 2014, Dayaratna completed his Ph.D. in mathematical statistics from the University of Maryland with specialties in Bayesian modeling and statistical computing. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis and watching professional sports.

Jeremy Adamson


Jeremy Adamson is the author of Minding the Machines: Building and Leading Data Science teams, and is a leader in AI and analytics strategy. He has a broad range of experience in aviation, energy, financial services, and public administration. Jeremy has worked with several major organizations to help them establish a leadership position in data science and to unlock real business value using advanced analytics.

Emma Dahl

Emma Dahl

Emma leads sales development at Statsig. She holds a masters degree in big data and an undergraduate degree in economics. Before working at Statsig, she was a top-performing rep at Snowflake. She teaches Think Business First at Data Science Dojo and focuses on bridging the gap between technology and business users.

James Belmonte


James is a Senior Data Scientist at Humana where he works on applying Causal Machine Learning to Population Health Problems. Although he is currently working on a Master’s in Biostatistics, he comes to Data Science from a Non-traditional route. He used various online resources to build his quantitative and programming skills. James got his Bachelors in Social work, an MBA as well as an MA in Theology. When he isn’t boring his wife with discussions about causal assumptions and counterfactuals, he is having dance parties/hiking/playing games with his 2 kids.

David Croushore

David Croushore 1 » Data Science Dojo

David has a diverse background spanning many business functions as widely varied as consumer marketing, corporate finance and recruiting. Through all these functions, the value of data has been a unifying feature. David specializes in process optimization and time series forecasting, honed primarily during 5 years at Pandora Media. He is currently the head of Pricing and Business Operations at Honor, a startup in the Senior Homecare industry.

Silvia Seceleanu

Silvia Seceleanu

Silvia Seceleanu is a Data Scientist with over 7 years of industry experience across marketing, finance, fintech and edtech. She graduated with a B.S. in Economics from Duke University and worked for JP Morgan in New York, followed by Square in San Francisco. She now works for Udemy and helps create data products for the marketing and business organization.

Eleanor Thomas

Eleanor Thomas

Eleanor is a Data Analyst with Doximity, the professional medical network for physicians. Her prior experience includes over 6 years as an options trader and quantitative researcher and a B.S. in Mathematics and Philosophy from Harvey Mudd College. She is passionate about helping students of data science take their work to the next level and also committed to leveraging data science and technology to serve nonprofit organizations and other worthy causes.

Benjamin Rogojan

Benjamin Rogojan

Ben is a Seattle based Data Scientist & Engineer working in San Francisco, California. He has extensive experience designing ETL pipelines, databases, websites, and other software products for startups and pre-established corporations.

Sara Malvar

Sara Malvar

Sara holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineer and a PhD in engineering from the University of São Paulo (Brazil). She worked at IBM and is currently working with Deep Learning solutions for Shell and IBM in the Research Centre for Gas Innovation and the Center for Artificial Intelligence. She has been working as a mentor and instructor of Data Science and Machine Learning courses for over 4 years.

Bushra Anjum

Bushra Anjum

As a data specialist, Bushra currently works in the Health IT sector advising companies on how to use data to address critical business questions. Bushra currently works as a Data Analytics Program Manager at Doximity where she contributes both her leadership and technical skills. In addition to being an expert coder, Bushra is an active member of various organizations, such as the Association for Computer Machinery and #IamRemarkable. Bushra is a humble recipient of the “Tribune Top 20 under 40” Award for career excellence and community service, a testament to her career accomplishments and dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.   

Asim Waheed

Asim Waheed

Holding a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Asim is passionate about responsibly using data to solve high-impact problems. He has worked as a Machine Learning Intern and has spent two years researching Deep Learning Security and Internet Fairness. He is currently an Associate Data Scientist at Data Science Dojo. Beyond technical experience, Asim has been involved in public speaking and debating for eight years and is enthusiastic about imparting the knowledge he has to a broad audience.

Patrick Butler

Patrick Butler

Patrick Butler is a data scientist with background in media, marketing, and advertising. Throughout his career, he was worked within a variety of industries and companies, from small startups to Fortune 100 firms. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from Indiana University and a M.S. in Data Science from the University of Chicago. He is also an alumnus of Data Science Dojo! Outside of his Instructor role at Data Science Dojo, Patrick is an Advisor to an analytics fellowship for post-grads at the University of Chicago and a Data Scientist at Nike. He has a passion for data science education and welcomes the opportunity to support your learning. Feel free to reach Patrick at [email protected] 

Thomas Park

thomas » Data Science Dojo

In his current role as Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & Operations, Tom utilizes his vast knowledge on deep tech, public-private partnerships, emerging technologies, and digital transformation to successfully manage a high growth portfolio of over $5 billion representing more than 159 companies. Before joining BDC, Tom served as a Program Officer for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, redesigning Senegal’s contraceptive supply chain infrastructure. In addition to his many career accomplishments, Tom was selected as one of Canada’s “Top 40 Under 40” recipients in 2017 for his outstanding leadership.

Usman Shahid

Usman Shahid

Usman is a Data Scientist at Data Science Dojo where he works on developing cloud solutions and custom machine learning course content for Data Science Dojo’s enterprise clients. 

Usman has bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He initially worked as a researcher at a R&D lab, leading and completing several projects in the domains of data analysis, RF systems and software defined networks. He then pivoted to data science and joined Data Science Dojo. 

Usman is also a passionate educator and strongly believes that a fundamental understanding of data science is vital for professionals in all domains. He serves as an instructor for multiple modules for Data Science Dojo’s public Data Science Bootcamp as well as on corporate trainings where he focuses on helping businesses understand the value of data-driven decision making for a modern enterprise. 

In his spare time Usman enjoys Urdu and English literature, browsing tech videos on YouTube and binging on British crime dramas on Netflix. 

Mark Peterson

mark peterson

Mark is currently a Senior Manager of Portfolio Analytics who holds degrees in Data Science, Agriculture Economics, and Animal Science. He has worked on a variety of big data and machine learning projects across the US and Latin America, including customer churn, part failures, smart cities, and NLP. He’s interested in using AI to improve business processes and lives. 

Priyanka Roy

Priyanka Roy

Priyanka Roy is a Data and AI specialist for Banking, Finance, and Healthcare industries at Microsoft. Prior to Microsoft, she served as the Head of Data and AI for Intergen for more than five years.

Taimur Rashid

taimur rashid

Taimur Rashid is Chief Business Development Officer at Redis Labs, leading corporate strategy and emerging businesses with a specific focus on AI/ML. Before Redis Labs, Taimur was General Manager and Head of Customer Success at Microsoft, where he helped build one of the largest cloud focused customer success organizations in the industry. Prior to Microsoft, he was responsible global business and market development at Amazon Web Services (AWS) for ~10 years. He helped some of the most innovative companies adopt cloud including Airbnb, CapitalOne, GE, Dropbox, Netflix, Nordstrom, Samsung, and others. Taimur holds a bachelor’s in computer science from the University of Texas at Austin, and currently lives in Bellevue, WA with his wife and three boys, spending his time cross training, hiking, biking, and reading books on business strategy.

Dave Froslie

dave froslie » Data Science Dojo

Dave has held a variety of technical leadership roles in over 30 years in the software industry. He currently works as a Principal AI Architect at Microsoft, developing trustworthy AI capabilities for the Dynamics business applications. Dave recently completed an MS in Data Science from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.