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AI for Product Managers: Practical Tools and Insights


Exploring AI’s Impact on Product Management

Have you ever wondered how Artificial Intelligence will impact your role as a Product Manager? While some fear job displacement, the reality is AI offers exciting new tools to enhance your daily workflow. In this webinar, Francesco Corti, Principal Product Manager at Docker will dive deep into how Artificial Intelligence is already empowering Product Managers, showcasing practical applications and the latest tools like ChatGPT and Arro.

Join us to:

  • Understand how Artificial Intelligence is making the roles and tasks of Product Managers more efficient
  • Observe firsthand how Artificial Intelligence tools such as ChatGPT and Arro can be applied practically to improve Product Management
  • Discuss the implications of Artificial Intelligence advancements on job security and the future landscape for Product Managers
Francesco Corti
Francesco Corti

Principal Product Manager at Docker

Francesco Corti is a seasoned IT professional with over 25 years of experience, spanning roles from Developer Relations to Product Management. Currently serving as Principal Product Manager at Docker, Inc., with previous stints at Spotify and Alfresco / Hyland, he is known for his dedication to open source and modern developer experiences. Francesco’s focus on implementing strategic solutions has led to significant business impact and the delivery of enterprise-ready offerings. Additionally, he actively contributes to the tech community as a speaker and author, enriching knowledge sharing and community growth in both technical and product management spheres.


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