Introduction to Text Analytics With R

Start text analytics from scratch.

Introduction to Text Analytics Part I

If you have never programmed in R and would like to get started with text analytics in R, you should watch this tutorial series.

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Introduction to Data Mining

If you are like most people, you find applying statistics to real-world problems difficult.

What if we taught you statistics in a way that you are able to go back to work and apply statistics on solving your business problems.

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Introduction to Text Analytics

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Introduction to Azure Machine Learning

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Why Data Science Dojo?

Data Science Dojo is a paradigm shift in data science learning. We offer short-duration, in-person, hands-on data science training that will get you started with practical data science in just one week.

3600+ attendees from our past bootcamps speak highly of us.

Data Science Bootcamp Reviews

Learn what past attendees are saying about our data science training.

Data Science Dojo was a great learning opportunity and a truly fun event… everything was top notch. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking a very solid foundation in data science. It is intense and fast paced, but worthwhile and enjoyable.

Jenna ButlerSoftware Developer at MicrosoftLinkedIn

I came from almost no background in Machine Learning and learned not only how to effectively use the tools available but also the inner depth of various machine learning techniques. This kind of information is not available in online tutorial or courses.

Manish Kumar GuptaSenior Software Engineer at MicrosoftLinkedIn

Data science dojo was an amazing experience! I came with a curiosity about data science but not much foundations of machine learning and programming. And I feel like I am walking out with a solid understanding of data science as well as the resources to go further.

Tiffany LiConsultant at DeloitteLinkedIn

I have never learned so much practical knowledge in a week. I can go back to work and begin adding value with these new skills immediately.

Matt DigelPricing Business Analyst at NikeLinkedIn

Getting Ready

A series of live instructor-led tutorials will teach you the fundamentals of data science and introduce you to the basic functions of R programming, Amazon and Azure tools for data science and engineering.

Captivating Coursework

We focus on teaching the concepts and underlying knowledge needed to do data science, rather than on platform-specific techniques. Our experienced instructors bring anecdotes from frontlines to solidify learning.

Beyond the course

Graduates receive invites to alumni-exclusive events, tutorials and networking groups. All mentors and instructors in our team come from our closely-knit and trusted network of data science professionals.

Trusted by Industry

Employees from these companies have attended our bootcamps, workshops and corporate trainings.


Our teaching and mentoring team consists of the best data scientists with experience working for leading data science companies.

Arham Akheel

Business Analyst

Raja Iqbal

Chief Data Scientist

Rebecca Merrett

Data Scientist