Data Science Training
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What You’ll Learn

Introduction to R Programming

  • Introducing R
  • R data types
  • Basic opertors
  • Reading writing data
  • Plotting in R

Exploring and Visualizing User Data in R

  • Why explore and visualize user data?
  • Reading user and session data from Google Analytics using R
  • Pie charts, box plots, histograms, density plots, scatter plots
  • Why is segmentation of data important? Slicing and dicing data to demystify user behavior
  • Advanced exploration and visualization techniques

Introduction to Online Experimentation and A/B Testing

  • Why A/B testing or multi-variate testing is needed?
  • Looking at some interesting A/B tests
  • Understanding concepts of A/B and multi-variate testing
  • Statistical fundamentals for A/B testing
  • Some common pitfalls of A/B testing


  • Setup a landing page
  • Hook up Google analytics with the landing page
  • Setup an A/B test on a landing page (could be as simple as two different colors of buttons on the page)
  • Seed it with some social media advertising budget
  • Analyze user behavior using the exploration and visualization techniques we learned on day 1
  • Analyze any differences in user behavior between A and B versions

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Course Material

Receive four handbooks authored by our data scientists and engineers and three best-sellers to help you keep learning.

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Exclusive access to our online learning portal that contains advanced topics, tutorials, code samples, and reference material

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Our world-class mentoring team will help you work on a specific design project.

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Anthony Hepp

“I’ve never learned more from an external training, especially in such a short time. The instructors are excellent – clearly experienced and passionate about data and what it can do for attendees. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone who has or is thinking they may have a question about data and what can be done with it.”

Tony Hepp
UX Interaction Designer at Pearson

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