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Hear what our alumni say about our data science training.

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Jaichitra Balakrishnan

Jaichitra Balakrishnan

This bootcamp is an extremely efficient way to learn the fundamentals of data science, and more importantly, apply it to practical and known business cases in a very short time.

The interactive, discussion-based learning approach provided by the bootcamp is what makes it a valuable experience.

The Data Science Dojo experience quickly transitioned me from an experienced ‘descriptive analytics’ professional to a skilled and intuitive, albeit novice ‘predictive analytics’ professional. Read more “Jaichitra Balakrishnan”

Senior Data Scientist – Deloitte Digital
Rajesh Patil

Rajesh Patil

This has been one of the best training sessions that I have attended. Both Raja and Phuc share great passion towards teaching and cover a variety of topics from Novice to exposure to expert level of data science in the bootcamp. The course is very well structured with emphasis on fundamentals in data science and machine learning along with practical implementation using the contemporary technology. I would love to attend an next advanced version of this course, if they plan one. Truly enjoyed the week at bootcamp!!

Read more “Rajesh Patil”

Solution Architect – Bridgestone
John Conway

John Conway

I work at a large software company. I’m on a data engineering and you know data analytics team, so we have a lot of data and we know there’s a lot untapped inside in our data at this point. I was looking for a data science class because I read a lot I’ve looked at many videos and stuff but there’s something about getting hands-on. Being able to also, you know, see the gaps in my understanding because you can read a book and you can watch a video but you can’t ask yourself questions. So having a bootcamp like Data Science Dojo to come to and ask those questions.

I chose Data Science Dojo because so first up the length it fit much more to my schedule and also it had quite a breath of like all the different parts that I was interested in. And also they showcase a lot of different technologies not just like open source not just like Microsoft. It’s pretty intense I mean these are really, really long days but there’s a lot of questions, very interactive, a lot of great examples you know I mean – it’s hands-on, right, I mean and you actually get to see what makes a lot of the inner workings of the machine learning models why they work the way they are so you can become a better subject matter expert right by knowing these details. Read more “John Conway”

Senior Software Developer – Microsoft
Sharon Lane Getaz

Sharon Lane-Getaz

Data Science, as offered by Data Science Dojo, just is the perfect place or me to come and retool a little bit. At my school, we’re thinking about creating a data science intro course so I thought I would come and learn from some experts and see what people in the industry are doing and obviously ultimately my goal is that when my students graduate that they might be attractive to people in industry so I want to make sure that they’re learning the right things.

Read more “Sharon Lane-Getaz”

Associate Professor – St. Olaf College
Ryan DeMartino web

Ryan DeMartino

I would recommend people go to the Data Science Dojo bootcamp if they’re just trying to learn what it means to be a data scientist. It’s definitely really good at teaching the fundamentals which I think is ultimately more important. So it teaches you how to think and then you know later on you can fit different pieces into that toolbox.

Read more “Ryan DeMartino”

Management Engineer II – Emory Healthcare
Wade Wimer

Wade Wimer

This bootcamp has done a very good job of giving me a really clear background about what the industry is as a whole which is really nice. What I like most is actually the amount of information that was supplied. You know the really clear story about what’s out there which really gives a clear vision about what’s going on around data science. So I think that’s the greatest value for me.

Read more “Wade Wimer”

Activity Manager – AbbVie
Srinivas Rao web

Srinivas Rao

I think what really stood out was that Data Science Dojo seemed to care a lot more about the fundamentals and not teaching like specific tools or specific strategies, but instead just getting you started – like just enough that I can work on my own – just enough to be dangerous.

Read more “Srinivas Rao”

Engineering Manager – NoRedInk
Saad Hameed

Saad Hameed

My name is Saad Hameed. I currently work at a company called Sumo Logic. My background is really – I started as a software engineer in the industry a long time back and I decided marketing was my real calling and I’ve taken a path to that effect but essentially my role is a true overlap of engineering analytics and marketing in one place so that’s where I sit in the middle somewhere.

I’ve been researching for some time now to join some kind of either grad level program or some other program to relearn data science in a very structured manner. I looked at Coursera, another option also and grad school I considered, but none of them really appealed to my need for having interactive dialogue and doing it in a very compressed format because I don’t have like a month to take off for work nor do I have like, you know, dedicate every single evening to studies here. And so therefore I looked at various options and Data Science Dojo is the best option. Yeah great experience a very strong cohort group. Everyone brought their very diverse experiences ranging from “I’m a developer,” to a statistician, to a “I’m an HR person,” you name it. And they each brought their own flavor.

I would say having some understanding of the programming language it is really, really essential. Basic statistical concepts really helpful.

Raja was outstanding and how he structured the course and how he structured learning and how he kept us all in line to the goal. That is probably most important part of it and how he abstracted the difficult concepts and tried to simplify things as much as he can because otherwise it can be overwhelming and he ensured that we didn’t take tangents too often the focus was always on can you take something with you that you can apply back to your work and then build upon and that is really powerful. Read more “Saad Hameed”

Director of Marketing Operations, Analytics, & Technology – Sumo Logic
David Wechsler web

David Wechsler

Data Science Dojo is absolutely the best training class I’ve ever taken! They have truly taught us “how to fish” – they’ve given us the training we need to be able to understand how data science works and how to implement & deploy machine learning systems. I feel very confident that I’ll not only be able to use what I learned in class, but feel that I can easily go beyond what was covered with some degree of confidence!

Read more “David Wechsler”

Chief Systems Engineer – DRS SSI
Andrew Choi web

Andrew Choi

I’ve tried many online courses like Coursera. I didn’t have all the proper training to ask questions and figure out some of the things that wasn’t clear. The quality of content was great and I think it saved me tons of time and energy. Someone who is self-motivated and doesn’t have a lot of time, I think this is a great course and I highly recommend it.

Read more “Andrew Choi”

Program Analyst – Care1st Health Plan
Dr. Jenna Butler

Jenna Butler

Data Science Dojo was a great learning opportunity and a truly fun event. The instructors were open, facilitating dialogue and ensuring learning. It was the best run conference I have ever been to – from the great prep to the after-camp mentoring and office hours, from the learning materials provided down to the snacks at break – everything was top notch. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking a very solid foundation in data science. It is intense and fast paced, but worthwhile and enjoyable.

Read more “Jenna Butler”

Senior Software Engineer – Microsoft
Artem Kopelev web

Artem Kopelev

I come from a background in biology and math I did health policy in graduate school with the focus on global health with some analytics for a city agency then I did some analytics for a giant health insurance company. So I was very interested in nonparametric methods also learning machine learning and when I came to decision trees or when it came to let’s say neural networks that’s just like, “Ooh. How does that happen, how does that work?”

I was impressed with the range of topics covered also a little bit kind of cautious because the scope is so wide, you know. I was like, “Whoa how are you guys going to cover all of this in just a few days?” As I browse the website I thought, “”Oh you know this could be actually some great exercise.

What was pleasantly surprising is like, “Whoa I have so many great ideas but i don’t know where to jump first.” And it’s such a like a desire to just master all of these things. And then I was thinking also yeah I’d be great if some of my senior associates like some of the managers could be able to – maybe some of our clients – would be able to kind of sit through something maybe shorter but understand the importance, the promise, the impressive power of a lot of these tools, a lot of his products.

I thought it was great I think you know. So I think in general I think it could be useful in filling in missing values it could be useful in helping – complimenting current missing data. Current and kind of insufficient data of certain things do some sort of estimates there. Read more “Artem Kopelev”

Senior BI Analyst – Kaiser Permanente Washington
Hannah Richta web

Hannah Richta

A great experience. Intense, interesting and useful – and I got some ideas to solve real world problems at work with a new tool set.

Read more “Hannah Richta”

Manager Performance Analytics – DB Cargo AG
Akshita web 2 » Data Science Dojo

Akshita Garg

I liked that the home works were not too hectic and the topics were covered in such a simple language which was very well understandable. I really loved the overall training and the way concepts were covered in such a short time.

Read more “Akshita Garg”

Emmanuel Tachie Menson

Emmanuel Tachie-Menson

I would absolutely recommend this bootcamp for pretty much anyone who works, even in a bank, because I just think that the content is fabulous. You just get to understand the whole landscape in data science. I would absolutely recommend Data Science Dojo!
Read more “Emmanuel Tachie-Menson”

Marcello Azambuja

Marcello Azambuja

I’m really impressed by the quality of the bootcamp, I came with high expectation and Data Science Dojo exceeded it. I highly recommend the bootcamp to anyone interested in Data Science!

Read more “Marcello Azambuja”

Director, Engineering, Uber
Ryan Maguire

Ryan Maguire

I think the instructors did a great job of challenging with questions and trying to push everybody out of their comfort level of where they were. After five days I think I’ve taken back some key leanings that I can bring back and refine the work that I’ve already done.

Read more “Ryan Maguire”

CTO of AI Capability – Solstice Consulting
rashant Kale

Prashant Kale

Sessions definitely exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed learning from Brian. I know these insights are going to helpful for me in my next career as a Data Scientist/Team Owner. The resources, reading materials, books, presentations are all high class. Read more “Prashant Kale”

Sr. Technical Program Manager at Amazon
Nicole Allen

Nicole Allen

I can’t believe how quickly I went from knowing next to nothing to actually building a working machine learning model and understood the basic principles of what I built. The class was phenomenal for being able to give me a basic understanding of the principles and also give me hands on experience. I’ve never learned so much packed into so little time – the best technical class in over a decade. Read more “Nicole Allen”

Principal Group Program Manager at Microsoft
Michael Brockway

Michael Brockway

Great Bootcamp, was able to learn the skills and confidence to take my career to the next level Read more “Michael Brockway”

Big Data Ninja at AT&T
Roberto Terzini Perez

Roberto Terzini Perez

I truly believe this week long bootcamp is an interesting format for people that want to start on a more data-science path but find it hard to take more time off work to do it! I highly recommended! Read more “Roberto Terzini Perez”

Sales Manager at Google
Koteswara Rao Ivaturi

Koteswara Ivaturi

Best introduction to the world of Data Science. If you are thinking about a career as a Data Analyst, Data Scientist or if you are a Manager who wants to get a deep understanding of how data science can impact your business…this is the place folks! Seek no further -Data Science…truly…for everyone! Read more “Koteswara Ivaturi”

Manager, Accenture Research at Accenture
Jon Lindenauer

Jon Lindenauer

This is a rigorous course and is a boot camp. I enjoyed the challenge and learned a lot. Definitely a good course to jump start your career in Data Science. Read more “Jon Lindenauer”

Senior Data Scientist at International Paper
Xi Chen

Xi Chen

My experience with the bootcamp is awesome! I was able to learn so much and I feel much more confident and prepared for future challenges I will face in my career. Read more “Xi Chen”

Financial Economist I at Fannie Mae
Caitlin Whitlock v2

Caitlin Whitlock

I spent several months trying to teach myself the fundamentals needed to begin with data science. I took classes on several of the big MOOC websites, but I struggled when trying to apply the concepts to real-world situations. I read about how I needed a strong math and statistics foundation to start in machine learning, and the path seemed daunting. The Data Science Dojo team has created a program that gives you a foundation to begin with data science. They pushed us to ask questions and think like a data scientist, and gave many real world examples to solidify the concepts. Read more “Caitlin Whitlock”

Research Scientist - Alexa Entertainment at Amazon
Asim Memon

Asim Memon

Getting hands-on gave me insights which would have been impossible through a online course like coursera, so this makes it worth it. Read more “Asim Memon”

Manager - Product Management at Apple
Agron Fazliu v2

Agron Fazliu

If you want to turbo charge your career using Data Science and Engineering – go for the Data Science Dojo Bootcamp. Read more “Agron Fazliu”

Head of Information Security at Haufe-umantis AG
Avatar 300

Pamela McGovern

This was an excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience with data science. I have learned skills that will be immediately applicable in my career. Read more “Pamela McGovern”

Senior Engineer at Rockwell Collins
Avatar 300

Phillip Calahane

Boot camp was challenging but will move the needle on my career forward. Read more “Phillip Calahane”

Lesha Bhansali

Lesha Bhansali

It was a great 5 day workshop with getting some hands on experience and understanding the roots of data science. It made me work towards how data can be applied to solve real world problems. Read more “Lesha Bhansali”

Program Manager at Microsoft
Avatar 300 1

Zeshan Qureshi

Before coming to this class, I didn’t know anything about Data Science. They clarified all of my confusion and give us ample amount of information and exposure to build on. I highly recommend DSD to everyone who is either trying to get in Data Science world or trying to advance their career. I will be on a look out for their future bootcamps. Read more “Zeshan Qureshi”

ITT Corporation Inc.
Kimihiko Kitase

Kimihiko Kitase

Data Science Bootcamp is amazing full packed data science and engineering course. With just 5 days, I could overall data science and engineering. I strongly recommend it to everyone. Read more “Kimihiko Kitase”

Head of Enterprise Marketing, Google Cloud at Google
Steven Tong Sun

Steven (Tong) Sun

Wonderful lectures and materials. Working on Kaggle competition together and competing with each other are definitely interesting and helpful on practicing the new knowledge. I would highly recommend DSD to my colleagues! Read more “Steven (Tong) Sun”

Data Scientist at Accenture
Mariana Esteves

Mariana Esteves

Right balance between hands-on and theory/concept. Raja makes sure we get the logic of (at first) very complicated statistics and… Read more “Mariana Esteves”

Sr Product Manager at Uber
Heather Underwood v2

Heather Underwood

The Data Science Dojo Bootcamp was fantastic! The five days of instruction were intense but very enjoyable and informative; I feel like I have a really solid understanding of data science and the tools I can employ to work with large data sets. The instructors were great, the venue was great, and it was great getting to know the other participants – really glad I attended and would definitely recommend the bootcamp to anyone interested in data science. Thank you. Read more “Heather Underwood”

Stanford Biodesign Fellow at Stanford University
Christina Huang

Christina Huang

The Data Science Dojo bootcamp helped demystify data science with its expert instruction and hands-on activities for the most common topics in data science. The bootcamp is like a well-curated survey course on data science – you get a sense of the field and enough information to navigate how to find out more. I feel like I have a solid foundation and can move forward with deepening my understanding in the tools of my choice. Coming from an academic background, I really appreciated learning about the industry applications of data science from the instructors as well as my classmates. There are many online resources these days to learn about data science, but they cannot replace the positive learning environment Raja, Brian, and Phuc create in the Data Science Dojo bootcamp. Read more “Christina Huang”

People Analytics at Facebook
Adil Hafeez v2

Adil Hafeez

Prior to the course, I had some basic understanding of machine learning. Looking at class participants, I think absolute beginners can get started and start predictive modeling in just two days.  Very well planned and very focused. Read more “Adil Hafeez”

Software Engineer at Lyft

Manish Kumar Gupta

This kind of information is not available in online tutorial or courses because it needs a deeper engagement to understand the intricacies involved. Read more “Manish Kumar Gupta”

Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft
Vikash Singh v2

Vikash Singh

Even having learned quite a bit of data science prior to attending the bootcamp, the boot camp still built up my knowledge from a much stronger foundation and taught me to use a variety of tools to quickly and directly apply what I learned to various situations. Read more “Vikash Singh”

Machine Learning Consultant at Google

Matt Digel

I have never learned so much practical knowledge in a week. I can go back to work and begin adding value with these new skills immediately. Read more “Matt Digel”

Product Manager - Analytic Capabilities & Algorithms at Nike
Sharoon Srivastava

Sharoon Srivastava

Absolutely amazing bootcamp! Raja really helps you learn and grasp things really quickly no matter how intensive the material is. Data science is truly for everyone. Read more “Sharoon Srivastava”

Software Engineer at Microsoft
Eli Hanna

Eli Hanna

If you are curious about data science but don’t know where to begin, this class is what you want. While no bootcamp is going to make you a data science expert, this class will give you everything you need to get up and running. Read more “Eli Hanna”

Decision Scientist at Starbucks
Michelle Garrett Scarbrough

Michelle (Garrett) Scarbrough

…Most important, we discussed several examples of PRACTICAL applications, and I have several great ideas of how to apply these learnings at my company. I feel confident that I can put some of these concepts to use right away. Read more “Michelle (Garrett) Scarbrough”

BCA Core Estimating Data Scientist at Boeing
Sebastián Anaya v2

Sebastian Anaya

I enjoyed Data Science Dojo! Phuc and David were great instructors and able to cover material fairly well so that I am able to apply it immediately. I know after the bootcamp I will be able to enjoy the post-coursework as well and continue learning. The best thing is how fast so much material can be covered but easy to digest. Read more “Sebastian Anaya”

Cloud First Consultant (Einstein Analytics) at Accenture
Michelle Souster 2

Michelle Souster

The Dojo was incredible! It really helped me extend my comfort zone from analytics to full data science concepts with no pressure and full support. Can’t wait to put these new skills into practice! Read more “Michelle Souster”

Digital Analytics Manager (UX) at Emirates
Daniel Frimer

Daniel Frimer

It was amazing learning so much in such a short amount of time.  For 6 days worth of data science, it far exceeded my expectations of what I was about to learn.  The teachers were engaging, the material was simplified for how grandiose the topics were, and that helped to have a strong foundation for jumping into the data science field. Read more “Daniel Frimer”

Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon
Chen Ku

Chen Ku

What I learned from DataScienceDojo’s 5-Day bootcamp is beyond my expectation.  The way they structure some key areas will help us learn, think and apply to real world in the future.  We spend lots of time learning new concept and knowledge and then applying them to the popular tools such as Azure Machine Learning studio and R Studio.  I really find myself a lot more knowledgeable in those new areas and can’t wait to try applying them to the real big-data at work.  Thank you DataScienceDojo. Read more “Chen Ku”

Sr. Software Design Engineer in Test at Microsoft Corporation
Hongxu Zhang

Hongxu Zhang

It is a very good learning experience with very well structured course contents. The instructors are very responsible and nice. Hope the bootcamp can come up with more good courses on specific topics. Read more “Hongxu Zhang”

Consultant & Data Scientist at IBM Japan
Babith Bhoopalan v2

Babith Bhoopalan

This was easily one of the best training’s I have attended in my 10 years at Microsoft. A perfect combination of hands on, fundamental theories and adequate attention to detail, backed by an immense knowledge and experience of the trainers. Read more “Babith Bhoopalan”

Director / Principal Program Manager at Microsoft
Arun Aggarwal

Arun Aggarwal

I had many doubts before coming to the bootcamp but this bootcamp is worth every minute. It is done very professionally, and instructors are experts in their subject area. Read more “Arun Aggarwal”

Director, Data & Analytics at KPMG US
Greena George

Greena George

It is a joy to learn from Raja, an instructor who is so incredibly passionate about the topics covered. He is inspiring and his examples are delightful. DSD’s material on YouTube was super helpful to keep up in class. The topics were covered in breath and with the right amount of depth. The constant support from the instructors through pre-created material to ensure individuals are able to complete the Kaggle competition as well as the follow-along in class was incredibly helpful. Read more “Greena George”

Estimating & Pricing Specialist at The Boeing Company
Michael Sikkema

Michael Sikkema

A very thorough introduction of many aspects of Data Science and Data Engineering in only one week. The course is supported by an easy to use  learning portal that is very rich in material. Furthermore, during the course you will download all the material  to your own laptop for re-reading and further learning at home after the course. The instructors know the subject very well and present and explain all subjects very well and patiently. Read more “Michael Sikkema”

Senior Business Analist (interim) at ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
Ravi Ramachandran

Ravi Ramachandran

This was an excellent class that covered a lot of valuable material on the key concepts of data exploration, feature engineering, and machine learning as well as of the use of the associated tools/technology. The 5 days was a perfect duration for the program. Read more “Ravi Ramachandran”

Managing Director, Electronic Business at Citi
Adi Ophir

Adi Ophir

The training was very clear, made the subject matter more approachable, with both hands on labs and gentle intro to theory. The Kaggle capstone project made the process of learning more engaging and feel less academic. Well-balanced composition of participants (not just developers), which contributed to interesting discussions and exchanges. Read more “Adi Ophir”

Senior Data Engineer at RetailMeNot, Inc.
Robert Bakker

Robert Bakker

Great guidance in everything data science / data engineering has to offer. Liked the combination of fundamental background and putting theory into practice. Read more “Robert Bakker”

Supply Chain Analytics Consultant at Accenture
Bruce Bartram v2

Bruce Bartram

Although I’m new to R, you helped me understand how it relates to what has been done at the health research center I work at. Thanks for the great resources too. Read more “Bruce Bartram”

Scrum Master Lead and Coach at AT&T
Geiler Hidalgo

Geiler Hidalgo

I really enjoyed the bootcamp and found it highly educational… Variety of students’ background, good conversations and group engagement. Read more “Geiler Hidalgo”

Manager, Cybersecurity Risk Management at T-Mobile
Joshua Burleson

Joshua Burleson

I liked learning about the new tools and techniques that we do not currently use at work, and will enable me to evangelize for their implementation. It was nice to be able to interact with others that share an interest in this space and validate that our pursuit of this kind of work is valuable. Read more “Joshua Burleson”

Software & Systems Engineer at Boeing
Niklas Andersson

Niklas Andersson

Interesting discussions with very competent instructors who more than willingly offered to answer any questions during the breaks or even staying after 6 0’clock doing so. Read more “Niklas Andersson”

Data Scientist at Accenture
Gautam Matta v2

Gautam Matta

The examples given by the instructors were really helpful in cementing the data science concepts. Also, interactive classes with code and like minded people helped a lot. Read more “Gautam Matta”

Senior Engineer at Invesco US
sravya potluri

Sravya Potluri

Great bootcamp and amazing learning experience. Thanks for Raja and his passionate teaching for making me a different me. I can think differently at a data science problem and approach them differently now. Very detailed on the concepts, which I haven’t seen with other Data Science Trainings. Very glad to be part of the Bootcamp. Read more “Sravya Potluri”

Project Manager at Microsoft
Hiroyuki Gohara

Hiroyuki Gohara

The bootcamp covered holes of my data science knowledge. During the bootcamp, I realized what I know and what I was not actually understanding correct. Read more “Hiroyuki Gohara”

Senior Software Engineer at Google
Adriaan Vreeke

Adriaan Vreeke

This has been a great way to get up to speed with data science. I can’t wait to apply the new skills. Read more “Adriaan Vreeke”

Senior Manager Digital Strategy at Accenture
Miguel Uribe

Miguel Uribe

It was a great experience for increasing the expertise on data science. The abstract concepts were explained well and always focused on real applications and business cases. The pace was adjusted as needed to let everyone follow the topics. Week was intense as there are many topics to cover but schedule was well managed to optimize people attention. Read more “Miguel Uribe”

Principal PM Manager at Microsoft

Tomas Oliver Angeltum

The combination of theory and practical work, was perfect for me. Read more “Tomas Oliver Angeltum”

Senior Data Analyst at Accenture
Sophi Kim 1

Sophi Kim

I felt like a learned a ton — pretty much learning from a non-stop firehose, and wish that I had more of a SQL/programming understanding to have gotten more out of the course. Nevertheless, I was able to follow most of the concepts and in particular, I thought that course content was the right mix of depth and complexity (i.e.: math). Read more “Sophi Kim”

Senior Product Manager at Amazon
Vaibhav Shrivastava

Vaibhav Shrivastava

One of the most practical and detailed oriented data science sessions I have ever attended. I have taken a full semester course on data mining but I can say this with confidence that I have learned lot more during these 5 days in this boot camp. Thanks Raja and team for coming up with such a great program. Read more “Vaibhav Shrivastava”

Software Engineer II at Microsoft
Marcio Fernandes v2

Marcio Fernandes

Great value for money.  It was great bootcamp, intense and with lots of supportive material and good instructors. Read more “Marcio Fernandes”

Big Data Consultant at Accenture
Ali Khaki

Ali Khaki

Great introduction and overview of DS and ML, combining both theory and practice leaving me confident and excited to explore the subject thoroughly with more confidence in the future. Read more “Ali Khaki”

Principal PM Manager / Director: Order Mgmt, Fulfillment and Logistics at Supply Chain Engineering at Microsoft
member 15833525211

Abdul Hyee Waqas

This course helped me put many different techniques and tools in a big picture of Data Analysis process. Also, Raja provided many practical insights on use of different tools and methods in different scenarios. This makes it highly recommended course for any Data Analytic wannabe. Read more “Abdul Hyee Waqas”

Software Development Engineer at Amazon Web Services
Kristy Morris

Kristy Morris

Very good bootcamp. Intense but well worth it. Good foundation to build on. Thank you Raja!! Read more “Kristy Morris”

Professional-Data Analyst at AT&T
Obula Basireddy

Obula Basireddy

This is great course. I have got good knowledge and hands on experience for machine learning and Big Data. It gave me many insights on what is machine learning and provided guidance to explore further. Provided good hands on experience to R programming which is very powerful to have in skill set. Read more “Obula Basireddy”

Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Microsoft
Joseph Juhn

Joseph Juhn

Overall, I learned a lot and cleared many misunderstandings.  Instructors were clear and informative. Read more “Joseph Juhn”

Data Engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Kwesi Enninful

Kwesi Enninful

I learned a lot from the 5 day training. Although, it was intense due to the amount of content covered, the bootcamp provided great insights into the world of data science. They cover most of the fundamentals of Data Science and also hands on training in R. Read more “Kwesi Enninful”

Manager, Applecare Business Analytics at Apple
Raynard Jackson

Raynard Jackson

The Data Science Bootcamp is the best way to get up to quickly get up to speed on the latest in Predictive Analytics! Read more “Raynard Jackson”

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt at AT&T
Chee Tong Leow

Chee Tong Leow

Very insightful course and actionable immediately after taking the course to start exploring my ML model. Read more “Chee Tong Leow”

Senior IT Manager at Apple Asia
Raji Easwaran

Raji Easwaran

Fantastic boot camp!!!

I was particular impressed with Raja’s grasp of the subject matter as well as the passion he has. Read more “Raji Easwaran”

Principal Group Program Manager at Microsoft
Alan Benson

Alan Benson

I enjoyed the mix of hands on coding with R and high level data science principles. Read more “Alan Benson”

Web data analyst at Apple
Qinyi Chew

Qinyi Chew

Great, comprehensive course in the fundamentals of data science and engineering. Perfect for those who want to be able to apply data science solutions quickly at work. Read more “Qinyi Chew”

Assistant Director, Defence Policy Office at Ministry of Defence of Singapore
Dustin Cox v2

Dustin Cox

This training was even better than I expected – I am pleasantly surprised to be leaving with more than just an understanding of the topics, but also the ability to deploy capabilities that will bring immediate business value. Read more “Dustin Cox”

Senior Business Manager, Chief of Staff for Americas Operations at Microsoft
Supriya Guha v2

Supriya Guha

Fantastic approach to data science. Sets perfect context and gives enough knowledge/materials/tools to get cracking and keep learning. Read more “Supriya Guha”

Director, Consulting (Analytics & Cognitive) at Deloitte Australia
Kavitha Azhagarsamy

Kavitha Balasubramanian

Overall quality of the boot-camp is very good. The ambiance of boot camp, motivation to teach, interest to learn were all positive. Highly qualified teachers with strong intention to make the students understand is also a big plus.I would say that it is a 5 day retreat with Great food for the tummy and brain. Read more “Kavitha Balasubramanian”

Sr Software Engineer at Microsoft
Nick Knutzen

Nick Knutzen

Came away with clear understanding about the most common machine learning algorithms. Read more “Nick Knutzen”

Innovation Information Technology Business Partner at Boeing
Ashwin Athreya Vankayala

Ashwin Athreya Vankayala

DataScience boot camp training helped me understand what Data Science is all about. Gave me good insights into how some data science concepts can be implemented in various fields/areas. I would definitely recommend attending this training to know how important data is and knowing how it helps in solve some complex problems in this Data driven world. Read more “Ashwin Athreya Vankayala”

Software Engineer II at Microsoft
Haroon Ahmed

Haroon Ahmed

The instructor’s academic background combined with his relevant industry experience at Microsoft Bing makes it all very practical. I’m excited to continue learning and highly recommend others! Read more “Haroon Ahmed”

Partner Architect at Microsoft
Premal Shah

Premal Shah

Attending the boot camp was an amazing experience for me. The workshop is very well structured, fantastically taught, has the right amount of breadth and depth, and most importantly it is actionable. Read more “Premal Shah”

Principal Program Manager, Azure Databricks at Microsoft

Balachander Devakumar

Excellent time spent. It was an enlightening experience learning about Data Science and Data Engineering. Read more “Balachander Devakumar”

Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

Gautam Reddy

Loved the real world knowledge and passion of the instructors…feel equipped and inspired to further my journey in DataScience. Read more “Gautam Reddy”

Senior Technical Program Manager at Microsoft

Nirnay Bansal

5 days and 10 hours per day seems intense, but the Data Science Dojo team made it fun. This team is always ready to help you during and after the training! Read more “Nirnay Bansal”

Cloud Solution Architect, Development Team Lead at Microsoft
Manash Majhi v2

Manash Majhi

This was an excellent workshop on machine learning. Practical and great to get started with building predictive models. The most important thing that happened was I somewhat overcame my fear of predictive analytics. Now I have the knowledge of what it takes and I believe I will be able to self learn based on my needs.

Thanks to the DataScienceDojo team. Read more “Manash Majhi”

Sr. Product Intelligence Manager at Microsoft

Rehan Hamid

Raja’s knowledge and experience helped me apply data mining concepts to my job every day. I am not afraid to explore new tools due to the hands on exercises taught in this course. Thank you Raja! Read more “Rehan Hamid”

Sr Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation
Vishal Dugar

Vishal Dugar

Loved the bootcamp! It got me really excited about my new role in Data Sciences. Read more “Vishal Dugar”

Sr. Software Engineer at Microsoft
Gurneet Jodhka v2

Gurneet Jodhka

Awesome training with all elements of Data Science and  Machine Learning. IoT experiment was great. Read more “Gurneet Jodhka”

Sr. Technology Leader at Microsoft
Yue Tu v2

Yue Tu

It was intense, good instruction, at the right level for beginners. Read more “Yue Tu”

Senior Manager, Energy & Sustainability at Microsoft
Jyotsna Panwar

Jyotsna Panwar

It was so refreshing to be back in a classroom sort of environment (but its on luxury side). Raja is so passionate about teaching that you feel motivated to learn. its extensive 10 hrs. of boot camp everyday but its worth every second. Best Instructors and Best reading material and best food of course :-). Read more “Jyotsna Panwar”

Business Intelligence Analyst at Microsoft (Consultant)
Arjan Groen

Arjan Groen

Great bootcamp! Thanks! Read more “Arjan Groen”

Business Analyst at Accenture Health & Public Service
Revanth Chandra Pydimarri

Revanth Chandra Pydimarri

Program Manager 2 at Microsoft
Jing Feng

Jing Feng

I had already taken some data science lessons online before the bootcamp, but I still found it very helpful. The… Read more “Jing Feng”

Institutional Researcher at The University of New Mexico
Rockel Marquis

Rockel Marquis

This training was an all around great experience. Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning are complex but this training was presented in a way that anyone with basic business or technical skills can easily understand and apply the concepts. Read more “Rockel Marquis”

Ambulatory Data & Reporting Analyst at MedStar Health

Case Studies

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Digital Marketing

The roadmap laid by Data Science Dojo has been able to help fuel my growth which in turn fuels the growth of my company.

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Patrick Butler
Digital Marketing Strategist, 2060 Digital

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Education Technology

We went from having very limited information to suddenly have very targeted outreach to the customer and in the end, that not only turned into increased business.

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Michael Hernandez
Director of Account Management for Clinical Assessment at Pearson Education

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Business Financial

Data Science Dojo was effective in forcing me to level up quickly and rigorously, there’s nothing like being in a room for five days learning data science.

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Eytan Bensoussan
Founder and CEO

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Data Science Dojo has been an incredible opportunity for me to be able to take some of my baseline skills and to build on them and to get some ideas on things that we can incubate over the next years of Breaking Ground.

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Jacky Sawyer
Director of Data Services, Breaking Ground

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